Saturday, May 30, 2009

A beautiful gift...

Gracie Jo and Peter were driving home from chores last night and the rain had slowed down to a light drizzle. As they headed towards our farm, the sun started to break through. Peter told Gracie Jo that it was good 'rainbow weather' and that she should ask God for a rainbow. "You pray daddy!" she replied. Together they asked God if he could send them a rainbow, and a few seconds later the most brilliant, double-ended rainbow Peter had ever seen appeared right in front of them! Pete said it was like they were 'chasing' it the whole way home, where it stopped and rested right over our farm. Our camera card was broken, and I had to dig around to find an old one, so by the time I took this picture I was only able to catch the tail end of it, but it really was something. Gracie Jo was so excited when she told me and Silas how "God sent her and daddy a real rainbow!" It's funny how in teaching our children about God, even in the simple things, that we are encouraged and strengthened in our own faith. God is so good!

Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. (Ezekiel 1:28)

On a side note, about a month or two ago Peter got a little dose of ringworm from our beloved calves. For the first month he was self-treating using remedies other farmers suggested and that he read off the it started getting worse, he finally broke down and got some proper treatment from the drugstore (clotrimazole). This started clearing it up and once it 'looked better' he promptly stopped using it (even though it said to treat for minimum 2 weeks even if symptoms had disappeared). This past week, the area suddenly got all red,inflamed and oozy. At first it was just kind of annoying and gross, but then it started to become painful. The whole side of his face, his jaw, ear and eye was starting to hurt a lot and the area where the ringworm was got hot and really hard. He went to the clinic yesterday afternoon, but the doctor had never seen anything like it. She put him on ibuprophen, to take the swelling down and an antibiotic (cephalexin) to fight what she thought may be an internal infection. He has to go back to the doctor's first thing Monday morning. The ibuprophen definitely helped with the swelling, but it's a still bit unsettling when the doctor says to you "I have no idea what this is." I know several of you who read this are practising or have a background in medicine. Have you ever seen or heard of anything like this? I'll keep you posted as to his next appointment on Monday. Until then, please keep Peter in your prayers. Apparently ringworm can work its way into your bones? We greatly appreciate your prayers! Well, we have a wedding this afternoon and are headed to Grimsby tomorrow afternoon to visit Forestview and lots of special friends and family! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!! Blessings! xoxo


  1. It is with great joy and anticipation that I look forward to and read your blog. Keep up this wonderful ministry. Hope you have a blessed weekend

  2. that sounds really bad. hope things go ok tommorow at the doctors.

    on a completely unrelated note. Jean mentioned you had a sort of outdoor greenhouse/glass room thing. is it something vaguely similar to this? I'd love to see a picture of yours, and instructions to build(?) if possible?

  3. Absolutely amazing photograph. Anja and Marc have a beautiful photo on their blog, too. Have you seen it? Gorgeous. I must have had my head stuck in the sand...where was I? Offices in the basement are not nice for many reasons.
    How is Pete? I sure hope he recovers from this. Could it be a reaction to something he tried on his own? Or could this be something else? What about asking to see a specialist? I wouldn't wait too long if it doesn't clean up soon. I will be praying for you all. Always something, huh? x