Saturday, July 4, 2009

Consider this...

"Consider how the lilies grow.
They don't fuss with their appearance—

but have you ever seen color and design quite like it?
The ten best-dressed men and women in the country
look shabby alongside them.
If God gives such attention to the wildflowers,
most of them never even seen,
don't you think he'll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you?"
~Luke 12:27, 28 (The Message, NIV)~

These beautiful flowers are blooming in our front garden right now.
I love looking out the window and seeing their bright splash
of colour - especially with all the rain we've been having. They're so
warm and cheerful. The best part about them is that I had absolutely
nothing to do with them being there! After much debate, I'll swallow my pride
and show you this picture of the garden the lilies are in...

So this is the state of our front flower bed. Yipes! It was weeded
back in June, but I didn't have time to mulch the whole front bed.
After that week of hot weather, and now all the rain, the weeds have
reclaimed their territory. They're even taking over the pathway
to the front door (good thing no one ever uses the front door of a farm house!).
Anyways, my plans had been to conquer this jungle this week.
Apparently, however, this doesn't fit in with the 'take it easy'
that the doctor ordered. Sigh. At first I was really frustrated
by the work that has been piling up....well, okay, if I think about it too
much, I still get frustrated by the work that is piling up .
But God is patiently teaching me something amidst all of this.
Remember the lilies? Notice how they keep on growing,
despite the weeds that are crowding in? That's right.
Life hasn't stopped just because I have baskets of
unfolded laundry in each bedroom. The barn chores are still
getting done without me, my family is still eating three meals a day,
the kids are happy playing with play-doh and are full of stories when they come
in from the barn with Peter. We're doing just fine.
And even though the shower hasn't been cleaned, the lawn needs to
be mowed, the kitchen floor is still sticky with the juice Levi spilled
yesterday morning and our kitchen windows still have bedsheets over
them because I haven't finished sewing the curtains,
our sweet little one is safe and content
tucked away in their little cocoon. Thank you Father!

So today I will remember the lilies....

"What I'm trying to do here is get you to relax,
not be so preoccupied with getting

so you can respond to God's giving
People who don't know God and the way he works
fuss over these things,
but you know both God and how he works.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else,
and he will give you everything you need."
~Luke12:29-31 (The Message, NLT)~

Thank you again for all your love and prayers.
God is truly using you to give
our family the most precious gifts. xoxox


  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the entries of things to be thankful for! And when we sit back and 'rest', it's a great time to reflect! May God's blessings abound and may your days be filled with many cuddles.

  2. I just got home from camp for the weekend and caught up on reading your blog. You are definetely in my prayers. I hope your little one decides to hang on. G-d is with you.

  3. Well now that I am feeling A LOT better after seeing your pictures of your garden I can relax tonight and let my weeds continue to grow. I am NOT taking pics of my gardens...they are aweful. I just can't keep up with them, but it is just like you say, the flowers keep growing despite the weeds and....
    my kids got pushed on the swings today, an unsaved neighbor came for tea, our bellies are full, the clothes are clean but not folded, the babies aren't sticky but the floor still is, the ball was bounced, the wagon got used, my daughter and I jumped rope, the boys played football with daddy, mud pies are baking in the playhouse, the patio is decorated in chalk, friends came for dinner, the dust bunnies are growing, the toothpaste is still on the counter (out of the tube), my bed is still not made (but it is almost bedtime), and God was glorified!!
    Angela, now that I am a mom to 5 kids, I am learning the important things in life, and keeping up with the weeds or dust bunnies just don't matter...all the time! As you rest take time to just watch your kids, be creative in the things you do with them. When I was on the couch very prego with the twins, I played a game that we called 'get me'. I would say get me something red, get me something round, get me three triangles, get me a book that starts with the letter l, get me.....the kids loved it. One rule though was that before I did another get me they had to put the first get me back where they got it from. Another thing we did was read...I would read for hours to them and get them to act out some of the stories, or we would make up our own stories with everyone making one sentence. The kids loved it. Colouring was another thing, crayons work when holding them up, unlike pens!!! We also love going on God hunts....where do you see God and we take turns saying things like...the sunshine, the weeds!!, the flowers, the food we ate, eachother....gets the kids focused on how God is everywhere and the importance of acknowledging Him in all things. We would end our God hunt with everyone praying for the things they hunted!
    Always remember that some days it is OK to use ketchup as a veggie, raisins as fruit, oatmeal cookies as your grains, and chocolate as your dairy!!! It is OK to have dust bunnies, unfolded clothes, unmade beds, sticky floors, weedy gardens, dishes in the sink, toys on the floor. It is OK to have PJ days, movie afternoons, picnics on the couch, to eat the same thing three or more days in a row. At the end of the day if Gracie Jo, Levi, & Silas were fed(regardless of what), and had a smile on their face, then it was a good day. Soon you won't be prego anymore, soon you will say goodbye to your baby as she gets married and you can weed all day if you want ...
    time is short, enjoy today (even if it is from laying on the couch).
    Know that you are being prayed for.