Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The latest...

I had an unplanned visit to the doctor's yesterday. Anyone uninterested in the details of pregnancy-related things please feel free to skip this post and just pray that our little bundle decides to hang out for at least another 10 weeks before making their grand appearance. For the rest of you...
Last Saturday night I started having a bit of spotting, which went away Sunday morning and then came back Sunday night. I wasn't too worried because on Monday morning, I felt a little tired, but fine. But then all of a sudden around supper time on Monday I starting feeling really sick. Nauseous, fever, my back hurt really bad and and so after having a bath I went straight to bed. I was sick through the night and having a lot more contractions than normal. I was still not feeling great the next morning and when I went out to help Pete in the barn, I fainted. So we went to the doctors and they ruled out a U.T.I. (bladder infection) which I thought may be causing everything. They were, however, concerned about signs of pre-term labour. They wanted to do a Fetal Fibronectin test (for an easy to understand explanation about this check out but I would have had to go to the hospital and potentially wait a few hours to have it done. Since we had left the kids at home with friends, I was anxious to get back and so they did a visual internal inspection of my cervix. I wasn't dilated, but the doctor did feel the cervix looked iritated. It's possible I've just picked up a virus which is causing all this and the bleeding was just from over-doing it last week, but they sent me home with strict orders to 'take it easy' and if I have any more bleeding and the contractions don't settle down, I have to go straight to the hospital for the fFN test . I had a fairly restful sleep last night, and the 'sicky' feeling seems to be gone this morning, but if I'm on my feet too long, I still feel kind of light headed. Peter is the most amazing guy in the world - taking on the role of both mommy and daddy while I 'take it easy'. He knows I'm not very good at just sitting back and letting other people (including him) do 'my work', and every now and then he gives me one of those looks and I know I had better get back to the couch. Please pray for us through these next few days. 1) That my body recovers from this virus/or pre-term labour 2)That baby stays safely tucked away and continues growing inside me for at least 10 more weeks - 14 weeks would be full term. 3) It's very hard for me to just 'take it easy'. Please pray that I will accept the help that's offered and let my body regain it's strength 4) For Peter, to have the energy and strength to keep up with all the farm work and for taking care of all of us and 5) thankfulness for the support and understanding of our parents as Peter spends a bit extra time at home right now, and for friends who helped watch the kids yesterday while I was at the doctors and helped Peter sort our calves for shipping this week. We're so blessed by and thankful for our family and friends. This includes all of you! We covet and cherish your prayers and I will do my best to keep you up to date with how things are going here. Thank you again for all your prayers.
The LORD is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy
and I will give thanks to him in song.
~Psalm 28:7~


  1. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to "take it easy" with 3 munchkins and the busy farm life. Like you said, just to make it through another 10 weeks. And next time, don't wait so long before getting in to your doctor or the hospital because if you are having preterm labor, they can sometimes get it stopped (speaking from experience!). My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Love Miriam

  2. hey...
    hope all is well with u and pete.
    thinking of u and keeping u in our prayers.
    Also just want to say how i love u'r blog, and i love the pics!
    Love ya...
    Sjoukje Vandenberg

  3. Angela! Angela! Angela!
    You take it easy girl....I know how hard that is with three kids. I was pretty much on bedrest the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. The kids just learned that mommy layed on the couch and if they really needed help with something tried to bring it to me. Time to teach Gracie Jo how to make BP & J sandwiches for her siblings, and how to do the laundry!! My oldest two still help with the laundry and try to help make the meals...without their help nothing would have been done. Learn to just lay down and rest...your baby is worth it. Dust bunnies don't bite....even when they turn into rabbits!!!
    Praying for you and your lovely little family!!
    Love you too!

  4. Angela!
    I too can't imagine taking it easy with 3 little one's and a farm. I will pray your body recovers and that Pete will have all the patience in the world to tackle the added jobs. Hang in there little baby for another 10 weeks!

  5. Thanks for letting us know your concerns so we can pass them on! Peace, wisdom and patience for you all.

  6. You will be in our prayers for sure! As much as we can't wait to see your new bundle of joy, we want to wait a little longer!

    If you ever need me to take the kids, Trenton and Jocelyn will be MORE than happy to have a playdate or two!! I really don't mind at all!!!

    You need to take care of yourself! This is your body's way of saying "SLOW DOWN"....You can't do it all!! You need to listen!! ;0) [I know exactly how you feel....I wouldn't want to sit on the couch while everyone else does my work either...just take it easy and let others help!!!! :D Thinking of you lots!! xoxoxo BIG hugs! Amanda