Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Return to the land of the living...

"But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
~1 Corinthians 15:57~

We're back - and doing great!! I'm so sorry for not getting up a post before now. I can't believe over a week has already gone by! To all of you who sent messages and called to see how we're doing - THANK YOU! Last weeks disappearance was due to 'internet malfunctions', I know many of your were worried that it was related to baby troubles, but we're doing just fine! 'Baby K' seems content for now to stay safely tucked away and get in a few more weeks of growing. I'm continuing to feel overwhelmed with gratefulness...

:: For 4 sleep-ins in a row! My parents took Gracie Jo and Silas on their first camping trip last
week. I missed them soooo much...but sleeping until 6:30 every morning was divine!

:: For the bag of books and magazines that came along with a special delivery from Peter's aunt

:: The messages and e-mails that continue to come and make us feel so loved

:: For maternity clothes that fit!

:: For a ginormous pot of chili that the whole family LOVED!

:: Freshly baked cherry squares, with cherries lovingly picked straight off the tree. So yummy!

:: For our runaway calves who graciously allowed themselves to be rounded up and loaded onto
the truck without me chasing them all through the back forty. Phew!

:: And last, but not least, this girl...
...who we are celebrating today. But she deserves a post all of her own. Stay tuned!


  1. Its hard to believe that Graci Jo is 5 already! I remember going to her baptism. Seems like it was just yesterday...

  2. What a beautiful family - it matches your beautiful attitude, Ang! X :)