Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Girl...

Gracie Jo Koobs

Her name means "God's gracious gift".
And she is living up to her name in oh so many ways.
Named after my Oma Meinen, Grada Johanna, Gracie Jo seems
to also have taken on many traits that Oma was well known for.
She is very determined, can be somewhat bossy, is
incredibly nosy and has a fierce love for her family.
She is such a precious gift.

Five years ago, I was feeling both elated and terrified as
we left the hospital. I seriously wondered at the fact that we could
bring this screaming, eight pound six ounce bundle home
with us, where we would be solely and completely
responsible for her. They didn't even make us write a test.

And now, five years later, I marvel at this girl.
She amazes me each and every day.
Seeing God at work in her heart and her life astonishes me.
Who she has become, despite our best intentions, humbles me.
The joy she has for life is contagious and touches so many.
She loves deeply, from her heart.
And the love Peter and I have for her overwhelms us.
And we continue to be filled with gratefulness for
God's gracious gift.

'Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights...'
~James 1:17 ~

Gracie Jo was ready to go before six o'clock in the morning.
This girl lives to party.

She chose the menu for the day.

It was the most beautiful day for a birthday.

Full of bubblelicious fun.

Barbie and her most hilarious edible 'cake-dress'.

..which Gracie Jo was absolutely thrilled with!

And nothing beats celebrating, princess-style, with beloved Aunt Michelle!

Happy Birthday Gracie Jo!
We love you so much.


  1. And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from our house. miss Princess Grace. I love your cake! Did you eat the Barbie doll too? Heee...heee. Did Mommy make it? That is so cool. I was trying to figure out what was in the dishes - it looked like cereal with fruit! Yum. Beautiful pictures, too! x

  2. Happy Birthday Grace! I love the last picture of you in the beautiful!

  3. Ange what a beautiful pictures. This princess will go places!
    I wonder what God has in store for you Gracy Jo, Congratulations on your fifth birthday! I like your menu choices strawberries and other fruit yumm!