Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Sunflowers

Eagle of flowers! I see thee stand,
And on the sun's noon-glory gaze;

With eye like his, thy lids expand,

And fringe their disk with golden rays:

Though fix'd on earth, in darkness rooted there,
Light is thy element, thy dwelling air,
Thy prospect heaven.

- James Montgomery

We're back!! We've been having difficulties with our internet again and this is the first morning our connection has been good enough to load a new post for you. Hopefully we can get this figured out soon - I've missed sharing our days with you and hearing from all of you. If I have the time, and we don't lose our connection, I'll try and put up a few new posts today and get y'all caught up. Two big things we'd like to share with you. The first is that we've had further ultrasound testing done and it's official - Baby Koobs only has one kidney ('unilateral renal agenesis' is the medical term they use). We're now waiting for an appointment with a high-risk obstetrician in London, where we'll find out more about this condition and how they want to handle things. There is the possibility that they'll want us to deliver in London or Stratford, because our local hospital is a bare bones unit with no OB or pediatrician on staff. We're really hoping that this won't be the case, as they're both over an hour away, but we'll worry about that when the time comes. No sense 'borrowing trouble before it comes' as the saying goes.
It's been interesting seeing people's reactions as we share this latest news. We've heard stories of fathers who are now in their eighties, strong and healthy, who only have one kidney. Of people who didn't even realize they only had one kidney until they were well into their fifties! There are also those who respond as though we've just been given a diagnosis for a terminal disease...
at this point Peter and I are resting secure in the knowledge that our sweet little babe has one kidney that is working just fine and is growing strong and healthy. I'm really finding that as long as I keep my thoughts on the wonder and miracle of what God is knitting together inside of me, it's hard to worry. Knowing that the Maker and Creator of all things is working to form this little person JUST AS HE WANTS THEM TO BE (one kidney or two) is enough for me. I will admit, there are times when I let my thoughts travel to places of 'what if' and 'what happens when'. Those moments can become anxious and worrisome. But I'm learning to keep my gaze fixed on Him - and He's gently reminding me to keep it there. The other morning I went out to pick some sunflowers and then as I was walking through the garden later that evening I noticed how all the flowers had turned their heads to follow the sun's path through the sky that day. The way they reach out for the sun and bask in it's light and warmth is beautiful. You can't cower in darkness when your face is looking to the light. So, as we pray for our upcoming appointment and the sweet little Tummy Dweller, we will keep our eyes and minds fixed on the glorious Light.

But you are a chosen people,
a royal priesthood, a holy nation,
a people belonging to God,
that you may declare the praises of Him who
called you out of darkness into his wonderful LIGHT.
~1 Peter 2:9~

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we continue
to prepare for the arrival of our little one-kidneyed wonder.

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  1. Hi Ange
    It's amazing, when you share something that could be a serious thing to worry about there are so many others that can share a positive story on the same subject. Just when you need it most.