Saturday, December 5, 2009

Calling all prayer warriors...

Just a quick post this morning. We had a good day in London on Thursday. We were able to see everyone we needed to and all our appointments went smoothly. There were a couple things that came up that we weren't expecting, so it was good to get it all straightened out. We have a few new prayer requests now. I'll share our original list for those of you who don't receive our e-mails:

1. Safe travel back and forth to London during the next several weeks.

2. Health for our whole family as we enter this busy season

3. Jude's surgery on Dec.10th from 8am-1pm
Please pray for - good health going into the surgery
- Dr.Butter and Dr. Merrit, who will be performing the surgery.
That they will see everything they need to clearly and that God will
guide them through this difficult procedure.
Update: After speaking with the anesthesiologist, we are praying that
the surgeons will be able to accomplish the entire surgery laparoscopically. This will shorten the length of the surgery (and the time Jude is under anesthetic) and make his recovery much easier on him. If they are unable to do everything laparoscopically, the surgery will be much longer and harder on Jude. Also, the anesthetic itself is more dangerous because Jude only has one kidney to filter it out. Please pray that Jude's body will be able to handle the anesthetic and for the
shortest surgery time possible.
- that God will carry Jude successfully through the whole operation
- that Jude won't have a bad reaction to the anesthetic
- that God will use Jude's life, and our presence in the hospital,
to bring Him glory! Update: We were originally told that I would be able
to stay overnight with Jude in his room. Unfortunately, we found out
yesterday that I might not be able to. If there are no private rooms
available, it's hospital policy that parents (even nursing mothers) cannot
stay overnight in the room. There are visiting lounges where parents can
sleep on the chairs or couches. I'm hoping to stay in the lounge so I can
continue to nurse Jude during the night but if they are full as well I would
have to stay at the Ronald McDonald house. Please pray that I would be able, as much as possible, to stay with Jude and feed him myself. We know that God has a plan - pray that I would rest in it and trust Him.

4. For Gracie Jo, Silas and Levi as they go to our parents while I'm in the hospital with Jude

5. For John & Nancy (Peter's parents) and John & Grace (my parents) as they care for the kids - lots of energy!! :)

6. For Peter, as he continues to work and travel back and forth to the hospital to visit.

So there you have it, folks!! Thank you for hanging in there with us and standing in the gap!
We are thankful beyond measure to know our family is being covered in your prayers.

'Rejoice in our confident hope.
Be patient in trouble,
and keep on praying.'

~Romans 12:12~


  1. Dear family,
    We are praying, as are many others. May each of you be given exactly what you need in the coming week. We love you all!

  2. Dear Blessed to be a blessing, Pete and Ang. We love you and are praying for you all, especially little, brave Jude as he undergoes this surgery. Be strong in Jesus and remember to rest in His lap. We await the good news. xx