Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For the critics...

Occasionally, someone will comment about having a large family. Wondering how
it's possible to equally love all of them, give everyone the attention they need, and
spend as much time with your fourth as you did with your first. I'll let you in on a
little secret...I think Jude is actually getting three times the love - and then some!!

Gracie Jo is like a second mother.
Such a big helper.
And every day when she gets home from school
she spends at least 15 minutes holding Jude because
'he misses me SO much when I'm gone!".

Silas is the sweetest big brother.
Always quietly showing his affection.
Little stories and soft kisses.
He doesn't like Jude to be alone, so
if I 'leave him' lying on a blanket on the floor
or in a chair while I get the phone
I'll often return to find Silas snuggled up with him.

And then there's Levi...
Who from day one has been absolutely smitten.

People ask whether Levi is jealous of 'the baby'.
Not a chance.
The only thing I worry about is Levi loving Jude too much,
if that's possible?

...and maybe that one day when I come back from the bathroom,
I'll find Levi and Jude in the swing.

Grace mixed with faith and LOVE poured over me and into me.
And all because of Jesus.
~1 Timothy 1:14~


  1. Oh! I love it!!! thanks once again Angela.... for putting things in the right perspective, this is priceless! Will keep it close to my heart.... :)

  2. "A gentle answer turns away wrath" proverbs 15. Angela this answer to "the critics" is a beauty. Those sparkling eyes say it all, lots of love.

  3. I would love to compare notes about what people say about your family. Our best comment yet was the lady in the grocery store who looked at us and said, "looking at your family makes me feel sick to my stomach"!!

    Every child is a gift from the Lord and no where does God command us not to have kids. Scripture is full fruitful!!

    You have a beautiful family Angela. As you keep your eyes focussed on Him you will always see clearly the blessings that He has given you.

    Love from our bigger family to your big family!!!!!