Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gettin' ready for the love...

With Valentines Day just around the corner our house
is in full blown crafty mode. Here's our latest adventure,
along with a photo tutorial and handy-dandy tips...

Begin by peeling off all the 'wrappers' off your junky old
crayons that the kids don't use anymore. Practice your
matching/colour skills by putting the crayons into
different piles that suit your fancy. Also, don't suggest
that your five-year old puts in a pig tail on the other
side..."This is the COOL way to do your hair, Mom!"
Tip: If you soak the crayons in cold water the wrappers will
come off a lot easier and save your thumbnails.
Unless of course you want to keep your kids occupied
for an undetermined length of time...

Let kids break the crayons into as small of pieces
as possible. Figure out how you will stop your
two-year old from doing this to all of your
good crayons in the future.

Tip: Use an old butcher knife to chop the rest of the pieces
as small as possible. Smaller pieces equals faster melting
and better swirlys later on.

Now, here's where we 'live and learn' so to speak.
I had these ice cube trays from Ikea that I had bought
5 years ago and never used. I dug them out, thinking they
would make for pretty little molds. I was pretty sure that
at 4 for $1, they weren't made of silicone, but you never
know until you try, so we loaded them up and into
the oven at 350 they went!
Note: I had read that if you were using plastic molds, you could
pre-melt the crayons in a double-boiler and then pour
the melted wax into the molds. That seemed like too
much mess and the kids couldn't help. I wasn't
really looking for a craft for myself so I ignored this information.
*Next time heed professional advice.*

Voila! Pretty, swirly, flower crayons.
A lovely, FREE, fun craft to make for
friends' Valentines goodie bags.
I would like to end my little crafty tutorial here,
and pretend that I am awesome.
But I'm not.
So, here's the rest of the story...

Those six precious little flower were all that we were able
to retrieve from our plastic molds.
*Note to self: In future don't put plastic ice cube trays
full of wax into the oven. Hey, you never know unless you
try. I must secretly like to learn things the hard way.*

Round two: For the boys in our life
Fill'em up and pop them in the oven.
Tip: The mini-muffin tins that were suggested work wonderfully well.
And it doesn't wreck the tins at all.

Don't forget to occasionally walk over to your
four-month old, who needs a little bit of
peek-a-boo action to keep the afternoon exciting.

Once the crayons are starting to look a bit like soup,
pull them out of the oven and pop them in the freezer.
Tip: If your freezer is hazardous to open due to being stuffed
so incredibly full that there's no room for a cookie sheet to sit
level without dumping melted waxed all over - huck the tray
out in the snow on the porch. Also, since it's a snow day, eat the
brownies that you baked for the bus driver to distract the
kids from asking "Are they ready?" every thirty seconds.

Dump your new crayons out and admire them.

Tip: Lay a tea towel or something cushy on the counter before
you knock the crayons out otherwise you end up with this.
No one wants a crappy, broken crayon in their treat bag!

Magically, those old, junky crayons are new,
wonderful and exciting. Now, go make a second batch
to give away, because the kids like these ones again.

Disclaimer: Just to dispel the crazy notion that's been circulating
regarding me being some form of super-mom...
I definitely switched lunch up from steak fajitas
to peanut butter and banana sandwiches and I'm
*pretty sure* that there's still a load of towels sitting in
the dryer that will not be folded until tomorrow...
Just keepin' it real ;)

Stay tuned for more crafty, Valentines day fun.
Gotta love the Love :)

By this all men will know
that you are my disciples,

if you love one another.
John 13:35~


  1. Ange, I loved that photodocumentary! I remember doing that to crayons in the summer when I was younger...mostly by accident though. (crayon's do not do well if you leave them sitting out in the sunshine for long periods of time)
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Thank you for making me smile - what a great story. You all must have had so much fun.

  3. now i can't wait till my baby (who's due in 6 weeks) to grow up and i can do fun exciting things like this with her!

    Sjoukje Vandenberg

  4. Hey, we may have to try this one! thanks!!!

  5. I want to be a mommy again! Okay...grandmas can do this, too, right? Lovely fun. You are a good momma bear, Ange! x

  6. Great idea Angie! Never thought of that - I did chocolates in the 'sour cream' containers that we made at Margaret's one time at Stamp Club. I love coming to your blog and catching up with your family.
    Hope to see you soon.

  7. OH MAN! I should send the boys to your house. They love love love crafts and their mom does not. I thought I was doing well buying bristol board and stickers and having the boys creating their own Valentines. But, I think you win the prize! And without all that fancy stuff I will have you know that there's lots of laundry in our basement always. =)