Saturday, February 27, 2010

Off the hook...

I'll be the first to admit that these Olympics
have me parked on the couch on front of the
T.V. most evenings around here. And whether
it's the inspiration from the snuggly headwear
in the crowds, the snowing and blowing that's
happening outside our own windows or the simple
fact that our littlest needed something to keep his
noggin warm - this cute little number came off the
hook this week during some skiing, a little bit of
hockey and last night's nail-biter of a curling match.

And I think he likes it!

The only problem?
Now they ALL want one!!
Well, I guess around here we still have a couple
months of winter to go.
And March Madness is just around the corner...


  1. oh, so great! Way to knit...maybe it helps with the tension of matches like the curling. And a few more months of winter -- GAH!!
    I guess I better be sure to pack my coat and boots when I mosey on up your way again eh ;)

  2. Look at you Ange. You've become a professional crocheter. I think you will be giving me lessons now. :)