Monday, May 3, 2010

Mr.Meat...and a good day for a picnic

If dear farmer husband wasn't a farmer,
he would be a chef. Bet you didn't know that, eh?
His specialties - meat, meat and more meat.
I'm not sure what he enjoys more, cooking it or eating it.
Either way, he was pretty stoked when he picked up this
smoker last fall. He's been testing it out the last little
while and, with the beautiful weather we've been having, it
seemed prudent to have ourselves a dandy little picnic lunch.

Voila!! Lays amboogairs ay lays otdogs!
(That's me saying 'Look! The hamburgers and hotdogs' in french,
because the smoker transforms everything into classy cuisine, you know)

Sneaking in a little brotherly love while Daddy does the cookin'

Speaking of sneaking...
unfortunately for Levi, the cheese slices come
in tricky plastic wrappers.
Fortunately for Levi, he's so stinkin' cute we have a
hard time yelling at him for stealing said cheese slices.

Apparently, Silas thinks that going shirtless makes him
'man enough' to share Daddy's beverages...sorry buddy,
you're stuck with the juice box for now!

Hotdog? Yes, please!!

Levi finds a quiet spot to enjoy his meal.

Look what we found inside the pic-a-nic basket, BooBoo!
(My attempt at a Yogi Bear impersonation...for Mom and Will)

And yes, they tasted as delicious as they looked.

Thank you, Mr. Meat :)


  1. Mmmmm- my mouth is salivating. Did you save me some? LOL

    Not only is your story fantastic but so are the pictures.
    Love you guys.

  2. yummy!!!! thanks for such an uplifting blog!! I love reading!!