Monday, June 14, 2010

Making Popeye Proud

While our beans are being mercilessly attacked by
groundhogs, bunnies, birds and bugs, at least we
have something flourishing in the garden.
The spinach, swiss chard and lettuce are lovely!

Thankfully this clan is a big fan of salads.

And how else to we get kids to eat the dreaded green leafy stuff?
Tuck it into everyone's favorite tuna pitas, of course!
(Notice how the juicy, green goodness is just soaking
into the bread - I've yet to see the same result from
the stuff that comes in the plastic tubs at the grocery store)

Yes, it's true. Even picky two year olds can eat the stuff!

And our wild-child of a daughter?
Yep, attacking the spinach with gusto.
Although, maybe this isn't a fair respresentation,
as she eats just about EVERYTHING with gusto.
A girl after her daddy's heart :)

And whether he was inspired by the bulging biceps of
everybody's favorite sailor, or merely enjoying the
new texture in his mouth, this kid sure loved it!(If you click on this picture you'll be able to see his sweet
expressions that much better. Trust me, it's worth it!)

What are you enjoying these days?
After spinach, ice cream is a close second around here :)


  1. MmMmMmMmMm!!! BTW Can that kid get any cuter??? glad your garden is reaping some food! Have you tried making a scarecrow?? Miss you guys! Thanks for sharing! PS-I finally listened to you and blogged about my juicing. haha! Just wish I was gifted in the writing skills as you are!

  2. I am enjoying jumbo freezies. All natural and chock full 'o nutrients. Plus they help cool ya down on those humid summer days :)

  3. Jude just never stops smiling. What a blessing they all are!!

  4. We are enjoying juicy strawberries from our garden....sometimes green, but grown in the garden all the same!!! I am also enjoying, or should I say being overwhelmed by God's goodness. The community in which we live has rallied together and provided us with more meals than I can even cooking for this prego for a few weeks yet anyway. Just as we are eager for our garden to grow so we can enjoy the goodness it produces, and marvel at how God can make things grow, we also are eager to have these babies grow and enjoy their sweetness!!
    Thanks for sharing, I love reading your blog!


  5. Great post! I am eating more spinach to bring up my iron levels. Love all the pics, but can't resist commenting on Jude..he is too precious for words...such a joy!
    Thanks for the peek,