Friday, August 13, 2010

Mom, I see God!!

It's that time of year again.

The beans are back.
Their bounty is almost overwhelming.

Good thing I have lots of 'helpers'.

This girl really is a master bean picker already.

I love picking across the row from her
and watching her work intently through the leafy foliage.
She is so beautiful.
In face and heart.
Such a servant.
Such a hard worker, and only six years old.

At times like this I can't help but think how proud
my Opa would have been. I can hear his voice
in my head, delighting in her.
I tell her this, and we remember him together.

And then there's this little helper, who carries Opa's name.

If I was looking for more work, he would be my biggest help.
Good thing he's so stinkin' cute.

And good thing there's always big brother around
to share some lovin' when the bean picking ceases
to be entertaining.

Littlest helper also enjoys being toted around by Daddy.

Sweet Farmer Husband makes a stop, on his way in for
a quick coffee, to glean the plants for any missed beans...
Really, it's just to spend some precious minutes with his family.
I am constantly in awe of how hard this man works,
and yet still manages to make time for each of us.
We are so blessed.

As I listen in the quietness, the sounds of the morning air
are swollen with life. The hum of insects busily going about
their work, birds chirping and the distant sound of the
neighbour's cows lowing in the morning mist.

The snapping of the beans as I pull them off the plant
and the satisfying 'ping' as they fall into my Mom's old metal bowl.
These sounds have been imprinted in my memory, and now
into our children's.

But I think one of my favorite sounds is the hollow thud
of bare feet running on the hard-packed dirt...

Laughter and giggles as little ones peek in and out of the
plants and chase each other around the garden...

Exclamations of delight at finding a pocket of beans
hidden within a leafy chamber.

And I especially love the owner of those delightful webbed toes.
Levi is the only one of our children to carry on this
recessive Meinen gene. I just want to gobble them
up, dirt and all!

And, speaking of dirt, you should see our kitchen floor
these days. In moments of frustration and exasperation
at how disgusting it gets no matter how often I clean it,
I try my best to remember where that dirt came from
and how it got there. And, truly, I am thankful.

This season of growing and gathering teaches me so
much. Often through our children and the way
they see and understand things. Like our little
Silas who, so quickly, is becoming a big boy.
I hope his heart always stays this young and tender...

"Mom, I see God!!"


"Here! In this leaf!"

"Can you tell me about it?"

"Look, there's 3-in-1. Just like God."

And my heart melts at the amazing way our
Father shows himself to our children.
And the incredible way they see Him and hear Him.

I promise you that you cannot get into God's kingdom,
unless you accept it the way a child does.
- Mark 10:15

I pray that I, too, can grow more child-like in this season.
Seeing Him.
Hearing Him.
Every day.

Where are you seeing God these days?
How do you listen for His voice?


  1. Wow Angela, thank you so much for sharing your life with us. To see God through the eyes of a child truly reminds us how incredible and amazing God is. I too hope that I may be more child-like so as to see and hear God the way a child does.

  2. Yeah Angela!
    Nice to read your post and to see your swesome photos! amazing pics! Great garden growth and Great God we serve...your children are precious!
    Will contact you re: Friday...
    P.S. Lovely, just lovely card!

  3. Your words, Ange, are like sweet honey. What a beautiful post. Bless you and your lovely family. You have a gentle way of putting life into perspective and making me thankful, too. Joy...x

  4. What sweet pics and wonderful story telling!