Friday, September 3, 2010

Tonnes of Tomatoes...or 'Close your Eyes, Marnie!'

What do you do when the garden just won't stop??

If it's a busy day, you chop 'em up...

And throw them in the freezer to deal with later!!

You call your sweet Mama - salsa making queen
and master of the death slicer! Unlike me she
slices away on that thing without any apparent
concern for her digits...when I grow up I want
to be just like her :)

Even dad *appears* happy to end the day's beans for me.
I love my dad :)

And what to do with all the leftover bits?
Smush the goodness out of them, leaving all the delicious
juices behind. I'm not even a fan of tomato juice, but this
stuff is SO GOOD!

Garden fresh tomato juice - scrumpdillyocious!

The Green Zebras :: our favorite heirloom variety
And so beautiful. Each one is like a watercolour canvas.

I'll be honest, I thought Pete was crazy in the spring,
planting all these tomatoes
but it's been worth every ounce of effort.
And still is.

And sometimes,when fun gizmos are involved,
I can even persuade farmer husband to help.
It also helps if I wear a cute little dress :)

Add some of our onions, garlic from Uncle Simon (courtesy
of Pete's mom's garden), a touch of salt and lemon juice
and a most mouth-watering marinara sauce materializes.

The shelves in the pantry are filling up with goodness.

And when all else fails...
send every visitor, delivery person and farmhand
home with a bucketful! If you need some tomato-y
goodness, you know where to find us. Teehee!

Blessed by the bounty,
The Koobs Klan


  1. Ange I love this post.(actually I like them all) but you make it sound so much fun. I honestly enjoy the end result but the mess and the fact that most ripening occurs on very busy days is challenging. Blessings!

  2. I agree with Anja! You are not only a gifted writer, you are cute and funny! So proud of you with a little help from your friends...way to go Mama, Dad and Peter!

  3. Oh, in case your parents read the comment section of your blog:
    "You have an awesome daughter, Pa and Ma, and you have trained her well...she is a joy wherever she goes! Well-done!"
    (by the grace of God, you'll say:)

  4. Its pics like these ones that just make me want to have a big plate of spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and some chips and salsa... and suffer the consequences later.

    Hope you enjoy the tomatoes as you consume them over the winter!

    (I also think I might be suffering from an allergic reaction - should have closed my eyes)

  5. Oma would be proud and it's great that your folks are there to pitch in, even though your mom is not a "tomatoe lover". Even though I've had to abandon my garden because we are moving, I've never had a summer as good as this for produce.

  6. Angela,
    I am still so new at this blogging, that I just discoverd you had commented on several posts of mine recently....I have replied and wanted to send you a cyber-hug!
    Love your playlist! So peaceful!

  7. Thanks for visiting from Freckled Nest. I've always wanted to do my own canning, this sauce sounds delicious! Good luck on the give-away.

    xo, Em