Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Picture a Day: February 13-19

February 13, 2011
Love this crazy crew!

February 14, 2011
Valentines Day:

no sleep because of teething and fever
no nap
4+ hours of driving
2+ hours of waiting
3 vials of blood
10 ECG leads to place and remove
1 chest x-ray


your prayers
& God's amazing grace


One superstar of a patient who didn't
flinch, cry, or squirm during any of it!

Thank you all for your prayers and support.
For keeping our precious boy covered and
blessed. We truly saw your prayers in action.
Jude's surgery is set for the 24th, at 11am.

February 15, 2011
The snow that is piling up is always good for some fun.

February 16, 2011
Although Jude has been eating with a
fork and spoon for quite awhile already, he
prefers to eat his oatmeal with his bare hands.
Dig in?

February 17, 2011
Peter brought this pot of goodness
home and every time I look at it I'm
reminded of my Opa...and that spring
is right around the corner!

February 18, 2011
7 degrees.
In the middle of February.
Insane...and amazing!
(click on photo to get a good look at all the fun)

February 19, 2011
The very. next. day.
-7 degrees
I know it's officially still winter, for like
another two months here, but somehow this
just doesn't seem very fair.

So we'll just dress up and do battle indoors today :)


  1. Angela,
    I have lost track of time it seems...all this in just one month? Oh my!
    Little Jude sick? Oh, the heartache you must have gone through to see him so sick. My heart goes out to you but I rejoice in the outcome!
    The Lord is so good to us!
    Praising Him with you!
    Yes, the weather is a tease, isn't it?
    Cute photos! Precious bunch!
    Love the cheerful flowers...we must be on the same page:)

  2. beautiful photos angela, thank you so much for sharing. I can't believe how big Jude has gotten ~ I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers on the 24th.

  3. Oh Angela, How sweet to read your photo a day. I've missed seeing you and the family so much and it is a blessing to hear of your daily struggles, journeys, adventures and blessings through your blog.