Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Picture a Day: February 6-12

February 6, 2011
Homemade applespice cupcakes with brown
sugar and cinnamon cream cheese frosting.
For breakfast.
Sometimes you just have to break the rules.

February 7, 2011
The kids got this game from their aunt and
uncle for Christmas. We play it like 5 times
a week. And they 're still not sick of it.
Thanks a lot... I think?
February 8, 2011
This girl is such a princess.
Also, it's getting very hard for her to eat :)

February 9, 2011
Busy at work making valentines for school friends.

February 10, 2011
Two weeks until his amputation.
I sure am going to miss that cute little thumb :(

February 11, 2011
Baking cookies for Valentines day.
(click on photo to see it larger - so much sweetness!)

February 12, 2011
Making soup for Sunday.
We're so Dutch :)


  1. Thanks for posting again Angela. Sure have missed your wonderful updates. We will be praying for good health and success next week in all that the Lord brings your way. May the Lord grant peace and joy in your many medical decisions.

  2. What a good surprise to see you posting. hope to visit soon again! love & prayer

  3. I love your sweet daily photos. For some reason they always bring me comfort and a sense of home - hard to describe. Thanks for once again sharing life with us.

  4. Those cupcakes sound a heck of a lot healthier than what I eat for breakfast sometimes (when I even remember to eat breakfast). Perhaps next time you can send some of that applespice goodness my way?

  5. I'm so delighted to see you blogging again.....hopefully it means that you have enough energy to once again share your "God perspective" of all that He is doing in your lives. May God give you the strength and stamina to carry through on this powerful ministry.