Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Picture a Day: March 6 - March 12

March 6, 2011
My amazing sister-in-law is very wise.
She also handed down to me a SEWING MACHINE!
Coincidence? I think not :)

It was a special friend's birthday and I knew she
had been looking for some bookends. I figured owl's
(like my sistah) are known to be wise and knowledgeable,
and would be a good choice for bookends to hold up my
friend's vast array of classy, intelligent literature ;)
So, conjuring up the tricks I learned from Mrs. Frawley
when I made a pillow case in Gr.9 Home Economics,
I stitched up this sweet little darling (fellow?).
Once I finish the second, she'll have a perfect pair of hooters.
(sorry, I couldn't help myself )

March 7, 2011
I swept the floor Sunday afternoon and this is what
went in the dustpan this morning after breakfast.
Not even 24 hours, people! I think I'm going to invest
in one of those robotic vacuum cleaners that just zooms
around on its own. And leave it on all the time!

March 8, 2011
The beginning of Lent.
aka - Pancake Tuesday
aka - Fat Tuesday....ahem
That's okay.
We all know what kind of girls make the rockin' world go round ;)

March 9, 2011
Jude has discovered how to climb.
Now, whenever we leave the room, we come
back to find him on top of tables, chairs, in
windowsills, etc. I know we need to teach him
that this is not okay...but he's just so proud of
himself. And frankly, we are too!

March 10, 2011
The weather is so bad, the bus was over 20 minutes
late this afternoon. After the rain and almost spring-like
days on the weekend, this has been a bit of a kick in
the pants. Very thankful for these beautiful flowers from a
special friend. He always brings such joy to our home when
he visits. Thank you!!

March 11, 2011

Today was a snow day - WAHHOOOOO!!
Today was also the day that I had decided to tackle the
basement - BOOOOO!!!
People often comment, wondering 'How do I do it all?'
The easy answer is: I don't.
Our basement is a perfect example of this.
I never go down there. The kids occasionally do and
it literally is an explosion of toys and junk and mess.
It has been this way for months and months and months.
The above pictures were taken after spending
the whole morning down there cleaning.
I wish I had taken pictures at the very beginning.
You couldn't even see the floor.
Anyways, I'm very happy that this is finally
getting cleaned up - embarrassed that it
was SO bad for SO long and that it took us
having to pack up the house because we're
moving to finally clean it up - but I also know
that the things that happened while I wasn't
cleaning the basement were important too.
I guess that why I wanted this to be today's picture.
I want to remember this.
Because I know there will always be
something, actually a lot of somethings,
that I'm behind in. But we survived with
a messy basement. And even if I haven't cleaned
the oven in over half a year, we sometimes eat cereal for
supper, we're still using the bed sheets I put up as 'temporary
curtains' when we moved in (and now we're moving out) and
there are still carrots out in the garden, frozen in the
earth and buried under the snow...

We're okay.
And I can't do it all.
And that's okay.
(repeat this as many times as necessary)

March 12, 2011
Weekends don't have a lot of significance on the farm.
But now that Gracie Jo and Silas are in school,
weekends have become very special.
I love this picture. It was taken at 7:30 this morning.
The kids are still all snuggled on the couch in their pajamas.
We haven't had breakfast yet, because they're waiting
for Daddy to come in from the barn so we can have
breakfast as a family. And no one has to rush off anywhere.
I'm definitely smiling right now.

~A happy heart makes the face cheerful~
Proverbs 15:13


  1. These are great pictures. Those pancakes were delish :) You are a great story-teller in both pictures and words. Thanks for keeping us all posted.

  2. This post definately put a cheerful smile on my face. So glad to see everyone;s faces. By the way, just blame the basement on genetics. And ours has been that way for more then 20 years.

  3. I completely agree with Marnie's post (well, I don't know about the pancakes as I wasn't there LOL but everything else I agree on) :)

  4. Silas looks a lot like Opa John in this picture!! Lucky Dude.