Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silas' prayer

This was Silas' prayer tonight. I don't want to forget these precious
words or the way he thinks about God and others right now. He is
such a special little guy with such a soft heart. I pray that Peter and
I can somehow protect this in him as he grows. ..

Father, give us wisdom as we raise your child
to be a godly young man, whose strength is gentle
and comes from an understanding of who he is because of you.
May he not lose his tenderheartedness and compassion
but be a great encourager and ambassador for the weak.

Lord, please take care of my friend, J,
because she can't see very good right now

and she's in the hospital.
Thank you that I don't have to sleep in a box tonight
instead of my bed.
Thank you that we have a house to live in
and take care of the kids in Haiti who don't have houses
and have to sleep in boxes.
And I want to be in heaven with you. Amen.
-Silas (age 4 1/2)


  1. So precious!
    Lord, protect these precious, innocent children as they are raised to serve You with all of their hearts in this world we live in...

  2. Please give that precious boy of yours an extra big hug for me today.