Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father's Day Fun

This post is a bit overdue but I didn't
want to forget the special memories that
were made this day...

On Father's Day we packed up the kids and
the truck and headed off for an adventure
that would capture the heart of my husband
and the father of this crazy crew :)
We didn't have a destination, we just figured
we'd drive for a bit and see where the roads
took us. We listened to an excellent sermon
from this dear friend and started the day off
encouraged and excited for where the Lord
was calling us. It was the perfect way
to begin our day together.

Can you feel the excitement??

We found ourselves on the shore
of Lake Huron at Point Farms
Provincial Park, just in time
for a picnic lunch. Daddy's
favorite: KFC!!

The boys LOVE KFC as well and have taken
to calling it 'bone meat'. As unappetizing
as that sounds, it makes me laugh every time!
...so do Levi's facial expressions :)

Biggest brother and littlest brother
Like father, like son?

I love this picture of Silas laughing
...and I love that he was laughing because
Levi was burping the alphabet.
Just a little picture of what's to come with
3 boys within 3 years of each other?

After finishing up lunch, we headed
down to the beach. Jude ran right into
the lake and did a face plant in the
frigid water and had to be rescued
by daddy...
He wasn't quite sure what to think.
He was much more cautious after that though!

Our girl, on the other hand, had absolutely
no qualms about jumping right in and stayed
in the numbingly cold water all afternoon.
I don't know how she did it, but I was
so proud :)

She even managed to lure her brothers out
for short periods.

After freezing their cute little patooties
off, the boys spent their time digging...

and digging...

and digging!

Gracie also got in on the digging action.

And loved discovering lots of beachy treasures.

And, safe by daddy's side, Jude did lots of
digging and
discovering too :)

The writing in the sand says it all

Did I mention how much I love
this handsome fellow?

No leadership is greater than the
example found in a man who leads
his children with God's direction
-C.Michael Dudash

Peter Jonathan, I am so thankful to
parent these 4 wonderful kiddos with you.
They are beyond blessed to have you as
their father. Your example and guidance
in their lives, together with the joy
and fun you always make time to have with
them, is a blessing that I thank God
for daily. And watching you play, and
laugh, and delight in the kids today
made me fall even more in love with you.
Happy Father's Day.

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