Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

I was in up to my elbows in dirty dishwater
when I saw the Hermanator streak past the
kitchen window with flames on his heels.
I quickly stepped over to see what had him
running so fast, only to find him being cheered
on by handsome Farmer Husband and the rest of
the gang. They had found a shady spot under
a tree and were just enjoying each others'
company and the challenges that daddy was
dishing out. My first thought was to slip out
and join them, but a counter full of dirty
dishes was still calling my name. I went
back to the sink and plunged another pot
into the suds when a basket of fresh
strawberries sitting nearby caught my eye.
I thought that it would be fun to bring
them out for everyone...but then I would
never get these bloomin' dishes done! I
decided I'd finish the dishes first and
then, if everyone was still there, I'd
take them out when I was done...
Whaaaat?!? Are you kidding me? Hoping
that 4 little people under the age of
6 will sit peacefully in the shade
for more than 10 minutes? Not going to
happen. I also knew they were calling
for a lot of gray, rainy weather this
week and this might be the last nice
day. That's all it took for me to
whip off those nasty rubber gloves,
run the berries under cold water and
carry that colander of sweet goodness
barefoot across the lawn to the crew.
And am I ever glad I did!

Strawberry, my love?

Here Dad, have some more!

Berry delicious :)

Yup, it doesn't get any better
than this!

On a side note,
Gracie Jo got her first pair of Chucks.
A hand-me-down from an amazingly sweet cousin,
it was love at first site.
Determined to wear them anywhere and everywhere
she finally learned to tie her own laces!

The expression on her face says it all.
Thank you so much, Nicole.

I sure am glad I chose to spend that
time with the family (and, note to
self: The dishes still got done. Imagine
that!) It's hard finding a balance between
work and play sometimes, but I'm trying really
hard to create moments where relationship
happens and weave them into our everyday.
I want to instill in our children the value
of hard work and a job well-done, and at
the same time show them the importance of
making time for family and for fun.
Today, I'm so glad I chose strawberries
over suds. Seeing the sweet, jewel-coloured
juice running down the kids faces and
fingers, watching them tearing across the
lawn and all of us laughing together
as Jude fed Peter berry after sweet berry
will forever be captured in my memories.
I love these sweet, summer days!

Blessed are those you choose

and bring near to live in your courts!
We are filled with the
good things of your house,

of your holy temple.
~Psalm 65:4~


  1. What a good reminder! Thank you, Angela! <3Katrina

  2. Thank you, dear sister! Glad to hear that the dishes didn't win :) I believe that in your struggle to teach them balanced values that your beautiful kidlets will struggle to maintain the balance too! The struggle is what keeps the pendulum from swinging too far in one direction or the other, I think. Love you all! May you have many more such days, regardless of the weather.

  3. Oh I'm glad you did choose strawberries over dishes! What wonderful memories! And look at the lovely pics of your family! I LOVE Jude's! His is the best!!!!!!!! TOO cute! And love Gracie's new shoes!

  4. Isn't it funny how when we look back we are glad we choose the fun over the work. At the moment it is such a hard choice, I struggle too with those times. To build a castle out of a box or clean those bathrooms... today the castle won and the bathrooms were next in line.