Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Favorites...on Saturday

Still trying to keep cool.
I'm not sure which is awesomer, little boys running around in their broekies or in their bare bums. Either way, so cute!!

We gave Gracie Jo her first Bible on her birthday.
Now, most mornings, this is how I find her.
She's such an example to me.

Still hot.
Still trying to stay cool.
Strawberry/banana/blueberry popsicles help for a little bit!

The 'Sweet Millions' are just starting to ripen.
Seriously, nothing is better than tomatoes fresh out
of the garden. Yum!!!

This young man turned 5 today.
Good thing he's still so sweet, I don't
feel like I'm losing one of my babies...yet.

We visited Michelle at Camp Shalom today.
It was amazing watching her in action - she is
such an incredible counsellor! Her campers will
be truly blessed this summer.

We couldn't resist taking a self-portrait out on the
basketball court...back where it all began when we
were just DID's in grade 10! I think Camp will forever
be one of my most favorite places in the whole world :)


Gracie Jo went to Uncle Simon's with Grandma today
to pick black currants. She might not be a master picker
yet but we heard she was good company for everyone involved :)
I looked through Oma V.'s old recipe book and sure enough found,
in her own handwriting, the recipe for her 'bessensap'.

I've never made it before, so I wasn't quite sure
how it would turn out. Wanna know a little secret though?
I may or may not have gotten a little watery-eyed
when I tasted my first spoonful :)
I can honestly close my eyes and remember the cool, darkness of Oma's fruit cellar. I even remember the musty smell and the way we would swing our arm up around our head in the dark to try and find the string from the pull-chain that hung down from the light bulb, always keeping our other hand on the door frame so we didn't get lost in the pitch blackness of the room. Love how the smell and taste of the black currant syrup immediately brought back memories of sitting with our cousins at the small wooden 'kids' table, each with our own sweating, glass cup filled with ice cubes, 7-Up and Oma's 'bessensap'. It was such a treat! I so look forward to making these memories with our own family and friends. Thanks so much, Uncle Simon and Nancy, for sharing those berries and bring us so much joy!!

Hope you're having a 'berry' wonderful summer (HA!)
and finding the time to make special moments and memories
with your own friends and families. Be blessed!
The Koobs Klan


  1. Love the family photo and the new blog banner at the top - very nice. Looks like you are having an awesome summer.

  2. Love that little boy butt

  3. I would love to fuck them both up thier little ass

    1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for sure, and in their warm little mouth's