Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting caught up:: August 6th-13th


Started combining!!!

When we can't go to the beach,
we bring the beach to us.
The sand pile (we use sand bedding in our
barn) has provided HOURS of entertainment
this summer. So much fun!!

The kitchen table is always full these days.
Multi-tasking central!

The Summer Reading Program at our local
library has been a huge hit with the kids.
They love earning their 'Book Bucks' and trading
them in for little prizes. We go to the library
at least twice a week. Here's Gracie and Silas
with the fish bowls (the theme this summer
was water fun) they created from recycled
items around the house. They did such a great
job and were so excited when they got prizes :)

Jude loves bedtime.
We love it too...for many reasons ;)
One of them, though, is definitely the
sweet kisses he gives out so eagerly.
He's just so sweet.

The last time my cousin Janine and I got
together we had 3 kids between the two of us.
Fast forward 6 1/2 years and now look at this crew!
Including two sets of twins, Janine and Jonathan get
to take credit for 7 of the 11 kiddos in this shot.
What a beautiful family - we were so blessed by our time
together with them! Thanks for making the trip to come
see us. Your visit, with all the "cousin lovin'"
will definitely be a highlight of this summer.

The day finally arrived.
Our sweet, fuzzy chicks were sweet, fuzzy
chicks no more and it was time to get them
in the freezer!! Thankfully, Pete's dad had
the honour of wielding the axe :P
I learned a lot over the next two days and
I'm so grateful to my mother-in-law for her
patience and help as I muddled my way through
the processes of hanging, plucking and
butchering. She was the BEST teacher!
If you had asked me, before I married Peter,
if this would be something I would do I'm
pretty sure the answer would have been a
resounding 'NEVER!' It's amazing what
a few years can do :)

The guys ended another busy week by
bringing in around 400 big square bales
off of the 60 acres. Between the wheat and
the straw it was an incredible harvest.

Our bodies are tired, but our hearts
are so grateful.

From the dew of heaven and the richness of the earth,

may God always give you abundant harvests of
grain and bountiful new wine."
~Genesis 27:28~

Be blessed!
The Koobs family


  1. Hey Ange,
    I am just catching up on all your blog posts and am lovin' the reads/photos! You have such a gift in putting it all together!
    I saw your dear MIL and FIL last evening at the movie reminded me that we must get together soon. Certainly in the next few weeks, ok?
    Hope you are enjoying your introduction to will do well!
    Talk to you soon!

  2. One more comment...
    As I am working here in my kitchen, I am listening to KLOVE:
    They just played:
    Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew...good reminder on this rainy evening!
    Blessings Koobs Klan!

  3. The visit to your farm is one of my kids summer highlights aswell!! Thanks for braving us and loving us all up. Not many people invite a family of 9 over!! THANKS! Hope you can come our way sometime soon!


    P.S. Send me those pics!!