Tuesday, January 24, 2012

December Rewind - Part One

So, I'm a little bit behind but we really did have a lovely
December and I don't want to forget any of these fun
and precious memories. Here goes an attempt at catching
up on what we were doing last month!

First up, was Palmerston' Christmas Parade.
We got there a bit early to stake out a good spot and
I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some
quick family pics while we waited. Unfortunately, as with
99% of the shots we take of all 6 of us, we didn't get any
winners. But the outtakes are pretty funny (and
probably a better depiction of real life anyways - hee!)
(click on this photo to get a close-up of Pete's expression

Things quickly got underway and while the parade didn't
consist of much more than the fire department and some
blinged up transport trucks from local businesses, the
kids had a blast. Jude, especially, loved the lights and
sirens on all the emergency response vehicles.

Another big hit were the people throwing out handfuls
of candy canes. Kids everywhere were running out
into the street (completely blissful of the transport
trucks coming next in line) to stuff their pockets full.

Aunt Michelle was home for the weekend and surprised us
at the parade. The kiddies were so excited to have her there.
Thanks, Tante Mic!!

The following week we celebrated Sinterklaas with
Oma and Opa. We don't follow the exact Dutch
tradition of this holiday, but we've really enjoyed
separating presents from Christmas and teaching
the kids more about their Dutch heritage.
Opa and Jude get a little snuggle time in before breakfast.

Levi and Oma waiting for the present opening to start.

What is it, Dad???
We had lots of little helpers opening our gifts with us :)

Oma is the master thrift store shopper. She's always
finding the best treasures! We all agreed, this one
is going to be hard to beat - Jude LOVES his new
John Deere pedal tractor!

This was only the second time since we've been married
that we've had a Christmas tree - and a first for all our
boys. The kids loved having the tree in the house and
all the decorations we had made for it.

The kids also got lots of extra baking time in this month.
They really are becoming quite the pros!
(both in the baking AND eating department)

Lastly, here's the song the kids learned for Sinterklaas.
They had made some cards and decorations and we had
a lot of fun going around on the 5th sharing them and
singing to our neighbours, friends and family.


  1. Thanks for blessing my day with the great photos and video! Hope you had a great birthday Angela :)