Monday, February 20, 2012

December Rewind - Part Four

We were so blessed to be able to sneak in a special visit
with my cousin and his awesome kiddos during the holidays.
It was the perfect way to end our year and we're already
eagerly looking forward to our next visit. Here's a
little glimpse of 'the cousins' (second cousins? cousins
once removed? What are cousins' kids to each other???)
enjoying their time together!

These beautiful girls really are two peas in a pod!
An awesome mix of dancing, singing, crafting princess,
with plenty of rough & tumble spunk mixed in, they make the
perfect pair. Too bad there's a four and a half hour road
trip separating them :(

Meanwhile, these boys proved they all enjoy
some good screen time and you could invariably
find them in little huddles around the house
playing video games together...oddly reminiscent of
the Visser/Meinen boy cousins back in the day.
A little Gianna Sisters, anyone? Hee!!

It wasn't a very white Christmas this year, but we did
get a little dump of snow before the New Year and
we made sure to take advantage of it.
I'm not sure who loves being outside more,
Jude or Uncle Aaron? :)

Just enough of a snow pile for some sledding fun.



Working hard - even while he plays.
Reminds me of his great-Opa :)

Rosie cheeked...

...and frosty lashes. It's time for some hot chocolate!

Jude gets a lift inside from the big kids.

-The Great Pickle Escape-
Mealtimes were lively and full of laughter.
These kids sure know how to eat! I can't even imagine
what it will be like when they're all teenagers!!

The girls dancing up a storm while playing Wii.

We all had such a great time together and can't
wait for our next 'City Cousins visit Country Cousins'
Love you guys so much,

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