Saturday, February 18, 2012

December Rewind - Part Three

Our Koobs' family Christmas was another day full of
fun, great food and special memory-making.

Grandma stopped by earlier with plates full of sugar cookies
she had made for the kids, along with a special story about
the gift of Christmas giving.
Everyone snuggled in to hear 'The Sweetest Story Ever Told".

Plates full of beautiful and delicious cookies - each one with
a different meaning sharing the story of Christ's birth.

Such a good story!!

Daddy and Jude enjoyed the story from the couch :)

On Boxing Day we were all able to get together at Mom & Dad's
Uncle Ken and Tante Tina get the BEST books for their
niece and nephews! It's hard to tell who was more excited
here, the kids or the grown ups ;)

Jude and his 'Go!Go!' books

Tante Tina introduced Gracie Jo to the 'Mandie' books.
A new love has begun. She's almost finished book 5 now
and is already asking for the second collection in the series!
I loved these books when I was young and it's so fun
seeing our girl reading them every spare moment,
just like I did!

Levi thinks all the books by Doreen Cronin are just
hilarious! It's so fun listening to him giggle away
while you read to him. And a Spiderman puzzle
put two of Levi's favorite things into one activity -
so much fun!

I'm not sure whether to thank Ken and Tina for this
next gift....a Lego Star Wars encyclopedia has completely
obsessed our 5-year old. Silas now lives and breathes
everything Star Wars - and he still hasn't even seen the
movies! That book gets carried around the house, from the
bedroom, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the living room.
I find it everywhere! But watching him heft that big book
around under his arm is so precious. Thank you!

Four generations sharing Christmas dinner.
Lots of love, laughter and deeeeeelicious food!

Another tradition of Uncle Ken and Tante Christina's is
making the most amazing Build-a-Bears for their nieces'
and nephews' first year. They've put together some amazing
bears over the years but Manny's monkey just might be the most
incredible one yet. So awesome!!

The last tradition of the day is always the Chinese lantern
walk. I'm still a little confused about how this one started
(and maybe why we keep doing it?) but as much as us
big kids always complain to Mom about doing it, we always
end up laughing and the pictures make us smile.
So, without further ado,
The Christmas 2011 Chinese Lantern Walk!

Look at my lantern, Mom!!

At this point, no one had dropped or had their lantern
blown out. Still very happy, excited faces.

This was Manny's first lantern walk.
And another crazy Koobs for the clan :)

This was also Mike's first lantern walk.
Can you tell how excited he is?? ;)

Nevertheless, there will be no more gloom
for those who were in distress...
The people walking in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
a light has dawned.
~Isaiah 9:1-2~


  1. Thanks for sharing Angela. The children are sure growing up!