Saturday, February 4, 2012

December Rewind - Part Two

We spent Christmas Day with our own little family.
It sure was swell :)

Christmas cuties all ready for church

Home from an awesome service (we celebrated
communion together - SO good!) and enjoying
a delicious Christmas brunch. Yum!!!

After naps the big kids went out to the barn and
Jude stayed inside with Mommy to 'help' make
the frosting for Jesus' birthday cake which was
a surprise for later that night.

Out in the barn, Gracie fed her bull calves...

then joined the boys out for some fun on the
propane tanks. Yes, I know, we're so country ;)

Back to the barn to check on Dad.

More helpers in the parlour.

And then it started to snow...

The fresh powder called for snow angels. The kids
made the entire chorus to 'sing to the shepherds' :)

It was perfect packing snow and these four trooped
around together outside making snowmen until
chores were all finished.

Back to the house for some hot chocolate, warm jammies
and birthday cake

Happy birthday, dear Jesus.
Happy birthday, tooooooo you!!!

It was a very different Christmas day this year.
No travelling, no extended family, no gifts.
It did feel a little strange and yet I think that,
more than ever before, in our time together worshiping,
remembering, working and playing we were able
to celebrate our Saviour's birth a very meaningful way
for where our little family is at right now.
I'm excited about the little traditions that were started
this year. And I continue to be overwhelmed at how our attempts
to give thanks for such a precious offering are such a meager
offering compared to the gifts we receive in return.

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!
2 Corinthians 9:15

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