Monday, February 27, 2012

Jumping through January

In my attempt to get this blog up-to-date again,
we're going to skip through January in one post.
Are you ready? Here we go!

Like all good Dutchies, we rang in the New Year
with as much deep-fried food as possible :)
So many thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for their
deeeeelicious appelfloppen and to Mama-Mama
for her unbeatable oliebollen! I was pretty tired after
all the holiday-ing, so I was extra grateful for these
homemade treats.

Jude enjoying his first croquette.

Our lief Levi turned 4 on the fourth.
Happy birthday, funny boy!!
Levi continues to bless our lives with his hilarious
antics, steady determination and delight in discovering
new things. We love you so much, sweet boy!!!

Levi got to have a special birthday meal at Swiss Chalet
and stay for a sleep-over with Jude at Oma & Opa's to celebrate.

This meant Mommy & Daddy got to go on a little getaway
to celebrate our anniversary/my birthday/and a little babymoon.
I'm not sure who had more fun those two days - the parents,
the kids or the grandparents :) Thank you so much, Grandma
and Grandpa & Oma and Opa for giving our kids such a special
time while we were away. It was such a blessing for all of us!

Pete and I stayed with our sibs (and the cutest nephew in the
world!) in Missassauga and had soooo much fun just galavanting
around with no schedule and hanging out with family & friends.
The first (and most important) stop: Bass Pro Shop
I just stood beside Peter holding the basket while
he drooled over aisles and aisles and aisles of fishing gear.
I was totally clueless as to what he was looking for/at but
it was pretty cute just watching his hyper-excitement
over everything. I'm pretty sure we'll have to head
back here sometime soon...

We stopped for lunch at this random little Italian shop
in the business district and had THE BEST sandwiches ever!

A little trip to Ikea to stock up on things we *needed*
(my words, not Peter's )

And, of course, as much snuggle time in with Manny
as possible!

Seriously, is he not the most perfectly beautiful little man?!

Back home in the kitchen with my fav baking buddies :)

Jumbo marshmallow cream-filled chocolate cupcakes.

Our devotions this week were about creation.
The kids all designed an animal with 'special features', as
they called them :) So fun to see their crazy little
minds at work.

Also this month, Jude has decided he wants to 'do school'
too. The table is getting a little crowded at times, but it
sure is neat to watch this little crew grow and learn together.

These glasses came in a play doctor's kit from one of the kids.
Hil-a-ri-ous!! Silas looks like the grumpy old man from 'Up!',
Jude looks like a mini Drew Carey, Gracie Jo actually looks
kinda cool and Levi just makes me crack up! Too much fun!

Every pregnancy I am plagued by bladder infections and
UTI's. They've landed me in the hospital on IV and with
pre-term labour, so it's not something I take lightly.
So far, fingers crossed, I've managed to beat them on
my own without antibiotics but this it what my daily
'vitamin' regimen includes: cranberry extract, vitamin C,
5000 iu vitamin D, a prenatal vitamin, 3 'shots' of raw,
unfiltered cider vinegar and at least 8 pints of lemon
water. It gets a bit annoying sometimes but it works,
so it's worth it in my books!

A belated Christmas gift from a very special
friend. Peter now has a new favorite :)

And a little belly shot taken at 29 weeks.
We are so excited for this new little one to join us!!

Well, that's January in a nutshell.
Hopefully I can get through February before March is over?

Bless the LORD, O my soul;
And all that is within me,
bless His holy name!
~Psalm 103:1~

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  1. Dear Sister,
    I was missing all of you today. Good to see you, even if it is just in glimpses on screen. Love you!