Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The makings of a happy Love Day!

Pete and I have never really celebrated Valentines Day (for
years I was a self-professed Valentines Day hater) but the
addition of four little people into our life has softened my views :)
We really do have a lot of fun making and creating together for
the people we love. Here's a little peek into the makings of
a Happy Love Day around our house...
The kids loved adding little details to each valentine to
make them look like the people they were giving them to.

I'll love you for owl-ways :)

Let the baking begin!
Jude gets lots of good instructions from big sister...
whether he wants them or not ;)

For anyone who owns the Forestview church cookbook,
Jane Gator's brownies are TO.DIE.FOR!! Every time I
make them people ask for the recipe. Jane, thank you for
bringing this heavenly chocolate goodness into our lives :)

Chocolate chip brownie love

Oma V.'s sugar cookies? Yes, please!

Lots of little lovin' hands

xo~ Lief Levi ~ox

The baking crew

That would be my daughter...

Bring on the sprinkles!

And the frosting - decorating cookies is serious
business around here!

Lovin' from the oven

Gracie Jo made this valentine cookie for her
Uncle Garry...

...I'm pretty sure it's the awesomest valentine I've
ever seen in my entire life. Can it get any better than
cows, tulips, hearts and sugar cookies? I don't think so.

Our little love bugs

You are SO loved!!
The Koobs Klan

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