Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Picture a Day: March 24-31


Making some Easter treats. Each different coloured jelly
bean represents a part of the Easter story. The oldest
three were really into it...Jude just stuffed as many candies
into his mouth as he could when he thought I wasn't looking!


I only have 3 shirts left that cover this belly.
Getting dressed for church is getting tricky.

Even though we have a 'school room' with a nice big table,
if I'm working in the kitchen, somehow everyone always
ends up gravitating there. Other than the serious lack of
counter space, I really can't complain tough :)

Daffodils from the garden. Our temperatures have dropped
from a high of 26 last week, to below freezing overnights this
week. It's feeling much more like March again.

Working on our spring canvases.
The kids LOVE painting...and I love watching the unique
way they each go about creating. Seeing their ideas and
excitement come out in such different and beautiful ways
makes me so thankful to be able to share in their learning.

Our Easter memory verse

Baking with this boefie is one of my favorite
things to do :)

Tilling the March!!

After a bit of snow Thursday night and Friday,
things are starting to warm up again.

Although Levi will probably wear his winter
coat, hat and mitts until it's 20 degrees again!

I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow.
Baby's official due date is April 8th, Easter Sunday :)
We'll see if we make it till then...feeling extra ginormous
right now and pretty sure that I'd be just fine with this
little one showing up a tad early!

But even this waiting, these anxious days, remind me
of our Greatest Hope. As we've been preparing for Easter
I can't help but be thankful for the incredible way that
the anticipation we hold for this new life is being mirrored
in our faith right now. Such a gift!

All praise to God,
the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is by his great mercy that we have been born again,
because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead.
Now we live with great expectation,

~1 Peter 1:3~

May you, too, be blessed as you prepare for the celebration
of our Saviour's death and resurrection.
xo The Koobs Klan xo

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pruning & Pondering...

1“I am the true Vine. My Father is the One Who cares for the Vine.
2 He takes away any branch in Me that does not give fruit.
Any branch that gives fruit, He cuts it back so it will give more fruit.

4 Get your life from Me and I will live in you.
No branch can give fruit by itself. It has to get life from the vine.
You are able to give fruit only when you have life from Me.
5 I am the Vine and you are the branches.
Get your life from Me.
Then I will live in you and you will give much fruit.
You can do nothing without Me.

6 “If anyone does not get his life from Me,
he is cut off like a branch and dries up.
Such branches are gathered and thrown into the fire and they are burned.
7 If you get your life from Me and My Words live in you,
ask whatever you want. It will be done for you.

8 “When you give much fruit,My Father is honored.
This shows you are My followers.
9 I have loved you just as My Father has loved Me.
Stay in My love.

10 If you obey My teaching,
you will live in My love.

11 I have told you these things so My joy may be in you
and your joy may be full.

~John 15:1-11 (NLV)~

While pruning the raspberry bushes last week, these verses from
John kept running through my head. They've settled in my
heart these past few days and have me thinking about my daily life.
Am I truly and fully relying on Christ?
What things have taken root in my heart that are not bearing fruit?
Am I missing out on joy because I'm not resting in His love?

These words of Christ offer so much love.
They have me praying for the wisdom to grab hold
of them with all that I am.

Praying, dear friends, that you too will rest in these
words and that, together, we will find our life in HIM.

May you be blessed today.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Picture a Day: March 16-23

The boys found a nice spot to sit back, relax,
enjoy an apple...and not be bothered
by a certain little brother!

We picked up yesterday's mail and Levi was
excited to get his very own letter from Oma & Opa.
He was even more excited when he opened it
up and it started talking to him :)

Ended up in the ER with this sweet little boefie yesterday.
Outside of his surgeries, he's never been really sick before.
It's so sad!! A couple rough days but, thankfully, he's
back to causing trouble again now.

Hours of fun in the sand pile...and back to baths every
night. I had forgotten how dirty these kids get after
spending all day playing outside!

March 20, 2012
Our first spinach is sprouting.
No joke.

The spinach is not the only thing growing around here...
Also, note the lush, green lawn?
High of 25 degrees today. What?!?

Peter put the trampoline up today.
Is it possible to have summer in March already?

The boys LOVE their Uncle George!!!

Another full and wonderful week.
Having our sweet little Jubey so sick over the weekend
was kinda rough but since Monday he's been getting
better every day. So thankful! This crazy, summer-like
weather has got us outside all day and just itching to get
in the garden and fields. We'll see what happens?
And we'll keep you posted :)

Thanks for stopping by to share this bit of life with us.
I'll be honest, keeping this blog up-to-date is challenging
for me. But looking back over our days always has a way of
keeping the craziness in perspective. So much to be grateful for.
And we do so enjoy the way it's helped keep us in touch
with friends and family, near and far. Seeing your names
and faces pop up in the comments puts such big smiles
on our faces. Thanks for the lovin'!
Sending lots right back to you,
The Koobs Klan

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Picture a Day: March 8-15

One of my dearest friends just had her first baby and I
was able to slip away for couple hours to go visit the new
little family. Isn't he the sweetest little thing?!? I am so in
love with Johann and so happy for my friend and her husband.
They are already amazing parents and have been blessed with
such a beautiful son. Congratulations Renee and Guillermo!

Jude LOVES Silas' remote control car.
He acts like it belongs to him.
I don't love the whining and fighting over the car, but what
I do love is watching how Jude manipulates the remote.
I'm constantly amazed at how he adapts and, seemingly
without effort, makes things work for him without his thumb.
He's such a bright and handy little pun intended.
(Okay, okay, it was totally intended )

Things are getting awfully muddy around here.

The whole family headed to the barn for chores tonight.
It was sooooo nice out!

Gracie Jo staying out of the mud...

...and Jude getting right into it.

The yard is so muddy the kids can hardly
bike in it, but the feed alley in the barn is
perfect for zipping around in.

Hard at work.

Jude always likes sneaking in a little snuggle
with Peter on the 'nap couch' after breakfast.

A little science experiment on sound waves today.

Gracie loves figuring out how things work.

Jude just loved taking the sound tubes and
using them as spy cameras :)

The kids were already outside playing at 8:30 this morning.
By 3:30 they were running around in t-shirts and Gracie
asked if she could wear her shorts because she was 'soooo hot!!'.
Can it really only be the middle of March?

After a night of long contractions, and feeling very
uncomfortable the next day, I found out at my regular midwives
appointment that the baby had spun around and is lying 'sunny side
up'. Doing this a few times a day (along with lots of time on my hands
and knees reading books with the kids, scrubbing the tub and shower,
and just talking with whoever will hang out with me) hoping to get
the baby back into the right position. I hear posterior
births are not a tonne of fun. So spin, baby, spin!!

This unexpectedly warm weather has us all enjoying as
much time as possible outside. It feels so good to be out in
the fresh air and watching the kids boot around out there
all day long. Lots of muddy laundry but it's a small price to
pay for the fun we've been having around here.

During this season of Lent, as we prepare ourselves for celebrating
the death and resurrection of our Saviour, I can't help but watch
the world around us slowly waking up from its' winter slumber and
be filled with a deep excitement and hope for all the new life this
next season holds for us.

For if, by the trespass of the one man,
death reigned through that one man,
how much more will those who receive
God’s abundant provision of grace
and of the gift of righteousness
reign in life
through the one man, Jesus Christ!
~Romans 5:17~

Be blessed!
The Koobs Klan

Sunday Morning Smiles

A few Sundays ago, we had a couple extra minutes before
we had to leave for church (note: this is a highly irregular
occurrence in this home!) and when I saw Jude snuggling
with Pete in the sunbeam I quickly grabbed my camera.
So glad I caught these happy faces.

Even though they're usually a bit crazy, we love Sunday mornings!

A happy heart makes the face cheerful...
~Proverbs 15:13~

As you leave for worship this morning, amid the hustle and bustle of
missing shoes, spilled coffee, diaper-less diaper bags, the
filling of sippy cups, slicking down unruly hair, making sure your pockets have an
extra peppermint or two and the 10 minutes you're running behind on the clock,
may you carry a 'Hallelujah' in your heart and a smile on your face.

Blessings and love,
The Koobs Klan

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Picture a Day: March 1-7

Bagging up the ground pork from our butchering
adventure. After doing 50+ lbs., we're seriously
considering investing in one of those vaccuum-pac
sealers. Talk about light-headed!!

A new time-out spot?
The kids thought this was pretty hilarious.
Leave it to Peter...


Snack time!
From the expressions on their faces, and gusto with
which they're devouring their cupcakes, you'd think that
these kids hadn't eaten in days.
These pictures were taken 2 hours after breakfast.

I hadn't seen the boys for a little while, which is
always a dangerous scenario around here.
Further investigation found them 'hanging out'
in the closet because they 'just needed some
quiet time'. Ha!!

Gracie and Jude wearing their 'babies'.
I think everyone in this house has
baby fever :)

Cutest ever!
Found Gracie reading to the boys...and Jude had fallen fast
asleep, right there on the couch with everyone hanging on
him. All the 'fun' he's been having at night in his new bedroom
must've caught up with him!

We moved all the boys into one bedroom this week.

Silas and Levi got their beds bunked (the same beds
that Peter and his brother slept in when they were
little). Many forts have already been made :)

Jude is in the other corner. There's definitely a lot more
whispering, giggling and thumping coming from this room
at bedtime. It eventually turns to yelling (when the oldest
two are ready to sleep)...

Jude: Siyas!! Weevee?? Hiiiiii???
Silas: Jude! Go to sleep!!
Jude: Hi!!!
Jude: Hmpfhhh....
Siyas? SIYAS!!!

They all fall asleep eventually, but we did have
some tired boys this week. Oh well, we figured it would
be it would be better to get this sorted out before we've
got a new little stinker keeping mama up all night!

Hope your week found you with little joys to smile about
despite the challenges you may be facing!

Consider it pure joy,
my brothers and sisters,
whenever you face trials of many kinds...
~James 1:2~