Monday, March 5, 2012

A Picture a Day: February 1 - 7

As you know from the last few posts, I have definitely been
away from this space the past few months. It seems like life
gets a bit busy (understatement of the century?) and I fall
behind and have a hard time picking things back up. One of
the things that fell to the wayside was taking pictures of our
day to day happenings and, I'll be honest, sometimes these
days are such a blur of busyness and 'doing' that I forget
to slow down and actually enjoy these crazy moments.
In an effort to get out of the rut of racing from task to task
and turning my day into scratching things of our 'to-do' list,
I started keeping a daily 'thanks' list. Using a new prompt
each day, I asked God to open my eyes to the incredible,
amazing, wonderful that was happening each day that I
was missing because I was too busy. As always, I'm a bit
behind in sharing, but I don't want to forget these days
and moments of crazy wonderful. So here's our first
week of February - the little things that really are big things.

1. Your view today
So this was the view out my kitchen window today.
Another dreary, gray February day.
Right from the beginning it was like God wanted to remind
me to see with different eyes. I could choose to focus on
the mundane (and complain!) or......I could change my perspective.
It's amazing the beauty and joy that gets lost
when we're focusing on the wrong things.
Thank you, Father, for your patience with me.
For mini-orchids from my mother-in-law.
For your Word, being hidden in my heart.
A church family that loves and challenges me
For reminding me of the beauty when I
fix my eyes on You.

2. Words
You can't see the paper (because this recipe is totally
top secret!) but the words scribbled on that piece of paper make
THE BEST lasagna in the world (no bias). I don't remember where
I originally copied it from and if I ever misplace it the world will
have lost one of it's truly amazing, life-changing food experiences.
Seriously, it's that good ;) Plus, spending most of the day in the
kitchen with my beautiful daughter as my assistant helps me
forget that I need to spend most of the day in the kitchen to
make this lasagna...did I mention cooking is one of my least
favorite things to do? Thankfully the results make it worth while :)

Poor Manny had enough of being passed around
by everyone all day but I still love this picture of
him and Silas at the end of a little snuggle session.
These two handsome cousins have both received
their 'hand' genes from Grandpa Koobs.
Check out those mitts!!

And this photo has nothing to do with hands but I just
had to share - what a cute couchful of cousins!

4. A stranger
After reading today's prompt, I thought I'd take
the camera along while running errands in town. But when
Levi walked out of Gracie's Hair Salon (aka the bathroom)
after breakfast I quickly changed my plans :)

5. 10:00 am
On our way to church.
Sundays are definitely a favorite around here.

6. Dinner
A deeelicious pork roast, rice, carrots with orange-ginger sauce,
homemade applesause and coleslaw. I may not like to cook but
the folks in this house sure do like to eat! Since Pete is out in
the barn at suppertime, we eat our hot meal at lunch. So
not sure if this is actually dinner, lunch, or supper?

7. Button
Seems the most popular button in our house these
days is on my belly. I don't think a tummy dweller has
ever received as much love as this one - there are six
very excited people in this house waiting to meet
you, little one!! Jude, especially, is enamored with 'baby'
and gives my belly lots of hugs and kisses every day.

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts...
and be thankful.
~Colossians 3:15~


  1. wonderful pictures Ang. Thank you for sharing and keeping us updated on what's happening with your family.