Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Picture a Day: February 16-23

16: Something old, something new
While the boys were napping, Gracie and I cooked up a
couple batches of new play-doh. There's just something
about working that fresh play-doh...I think the kids
literally spent an hour playing.

Levi (still waking up from his nap) and
making us some 'pizza strips'

When I cleaned out the basement, I found this box
of old play-doh toys that Pete's mom had left behind
for us...the same stuff that Peter played with when he
was little! Anyone else remember these crazy guys?
And the LOUD cranking, popping sounds the chair makes
when you wind the handle? Too fun!!

17. Handwriting
Back in the fall, Levi would adamantly declare,
"I don't want to do school!!" every time I would say,
"It's time for school!" in the mornings. I would calmly remind
him that he was only 3 and didn't have to do school, it was just
for Gracie and Silas, and he could just go play. He would
reinforce the fact that he definitely didn't want to do school and
I would thank the Lord that he wasn't my first child :)
Fast forward to last month and suddenly Levi has discovered
a passion for creating...and 'school'! I am amazed at the detail
and concentration he has for his fine motor skills. He's picked
up printing like it's nobody's business and can print the
whole alphabet on his own, even though he doesn't
know the names and sounds of all his letters yet! It
cracks me up! Anyways, it's been fun (albeit a bit crazy
some days) adding another little to our work table.

18. Drink
Pete and I have been enjoying our espresso maker the
past few weeks again. Having a latte in the middle of an
otherwise ordinary day, just makes things fun.
Thanks to Willard and Katie Darling for adding some
refinement to our daily routine ;)

19. Something you hate to do
I don't know if it's because it seems so unending, or that
there's just a bajillion better ways I can think of spending
my time but, there's no getting around it, I hate doing dishes.

20. Family Day
We spent the evening with our church family enjoying the
most incredible turkey supper and lots of great fellowship.
Food + friendship is such a great combo, don't you think?

21. Where you work
Even though we have a 'school room' (which is also our office/
storage/sewing/crafty room), the kids, especially Gracie)
inevitably seem to gravitate to the kitchen when I'm working
there. The island becomes an interesting mix of food prep/
workbooks/craft supplies/grocery & to-do lists/dirty dishes/
little hands and big hands. It can be slightly chaotic but, truth
be told, I really do love it.

22. A hat
Whether they're actually meant for your head...

...or just find their way there, 'hats' get a lot
of love in this household.

23: Reading
This family reads A LOT! And while you'll find big and little
people reading in cozy corners around the house all throughout
the day, my favorite is those special nights when Peter gets in from
the barn before the kids are in bed and reads them their bedtime
stories. I'm not sure if it's because it's a special treat for the kids
to have Pete around to tuck them in or that I just love seeing
the ones I love the most snuggled up together enjoying books.
Either way - moments like this are something I treasure.

Hoping your week is finding you with little special
moments to treasure!

And remember:

YOU are a people holy to the LORD your God.
The LORD your God has chosen YOU,
out of all the peoples on the face of the earth,
to be his people,
his treasured possession.

The Koobs Klan

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  1. I had one of those 'fuzzy barber' playdoh sets, and yes, the handle makes such a loud noise. Thank you for continuing to share pictures of your lives with us. I really need to start doing a 'picture a day' and remember to appreciate all the smaller things that life and family brings.