Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Picture a Day: February 24-29

24. What you hear
Almost every night, while we read stories, Jude goes
and digs out the stethoscope and has a little listen for
baby. Not sure if he picked this up from seeing our
midwife using the doppler or watching Pete talk to
the baby? Either way, it's pretty dang cute watching
him converse with my belly. I can't even imagine what
his response will be like when the baby is no longer a
tummy dweller???

25. What you ate
Seriously, best meal in the world!!
(For all you non-Dutchies, this is mashed potatoes and
kale. You eat it with pickles, mustard and sausage and
lovingly refer to it as 'boerenkoel'.) I repeat...!!!

26. What you watched
The kids had a 'movie night' tonight.
They LOVE movie nights because 1.) they get to eat
chips 2.) they get to eat chips in the living room and
3.) they get to eat chips in the living room with the lights out.
We have a movie night about once a month. It doesn't
really matter what the movie is - it's all about eating
chips in the living room with the lights off :)

27. What you know
Silas is doing sequencing in math right now.
Sometimes, when he gets an answer wrong, I'll
ask him to explain his solution to me...and most times
I'm surprised that his answer actually makes more sense
than the 'correct' one! Love how his little mind works!

28. What you learned
I now know how to butcher a pig.
Okay, that's probably stretching it a lot, but I did help
wrap the meat. So I can do that - hee! Seriously though, never
in a million years did I think we'd be doing this. I could've
written an entire post just on how amazing this night was,
but I'm not sure y'all are as interested in butchering as we were
(or that your stomach would handle the pictures ).
So thankful for some a-ma-zing and talented friends from
church who came over to educate us newbies in the finer
art of putting your pigs in the freezer. What an awesome night!

29. What you see
Still can't get over this little fella.
He didn't even want to colour in the Fall because it was
'too hard' (really, what kid doesn't want to colour??)
Suddenly he's printing, drawing intricate patterns and
colouring incredible designs - blows my mind!
When we see him at work, we just smile to ourselves and
wonder what God has in store for him!

This was such a fun week full of learning, new adventures,
great friends and little moments that put joy in our hearts.
Thank you, Lord, for such wonderful gifts!

as it is written:
No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
no mind has conceived
what God has prepared for those who love him”
~1 Corinthians 2:9


  1. This looks like it was a good week. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love it Ang, everything from the Boerenkoel to the butchering and the movie night! Thanks for posting, you always make me smile!