Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Picture a Day: March 1-7

Bagging up the ground pork from our butchering
adventure. After doing 50+ lbs., we're seriously
considering investing in one of those vaccuum-pac
sealers. Talk about light-headed!!

A new time-out spot?
The kids thought this was pretty hilarious.
Leave it to Peter...


Snack time!
From the expressions on their faces, and gusto with
which they're devouring their cupcakes, you'd think that
these kids hadn't eaten in days.
These pictures were taken 2 hours after breakfast.

I hadn't seen the boys for a little while, which is
always a dangerous scenario around here.
Further investigation found them 'hanging out'
in the closet because they 'just needed some
quiet time'. Ha!!

Gracie and Jude wearing their 'babies'.
I think everyone in this house has
baby fever :)

Cutest ever!
Found Gracie reading to the boys...and Jude had fallen fast
asleep, right there on the couch with everyone hanging on
him. All the 'fun' he's been having at night in his new bedroom
must've caught up with him!

We moved all the boys into one bedroom this week.

Silas and Levi got their beds bunked (the same beds
that Peter and his brother slept in when they were
little). Many forts have already been made :)

Jude is in the other corner. There's definitely a lot more
whispering, giggling and thumping coming from this room
at bedtime. It eventually turns to yelling (when the oldest
two are ready to sleep)...

Jude: Siyas!! Weevee?? Hiiiiii???
Silas: Jude! Go to sleep!!
Jude: Hi!!!
Jude: Hmpfhhh....
Siyas? SIYAS!!!

They all fall asleep eventually, but we did have
some tired boys this week. Oh well, we figured it would
be it would be better to get this sorted out before we've
got a new little stinker keeping mama up all night!

Hope your week found you with little joys to smile about
despite the challenges you may be facing!

Consider it pure joy,
my brothers and sisters,
whenever you face trials of many kinds...
~James 1:2~

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  1. Oh man, this is adorable Ange, it literally made me lol and miss your family even more :)