Monday, March 26, 2012

A Picture a Day: March 16-23

The boys found a nice spot to sit back, relax,
enjoy an apple...and not be bothered
by a certain little brother!

We picked up yesterday's mail and Levi was
excited to get his very own letter from Oma & Opa.
He was even more excited when he opened it
up and it started talking to him :)

Ended up in the ER with this sweet little boefie yesterday.
Outside of his surgeries, he's never been really sick before.
It's so sad!! A couple rough days but, thankfully, he's
back to causing trouble again now.

Hours of fun in the sand pile...and back to baths every
night. I had forgotten how dirty these kids get after
spending all day playing outside!

March 20, 2012
Our first spinach is sprouting.
No joke.

The spinach is not the only thing growing around here...
Also, note the lush, green lawn?
High of 25 degrees today. What?!?

Peter put the trampoline up today.
Is it possible to have summer in March already?

The boys LOVE their Uncle George!!!

Another full and wonderful week.
Having our sweet little Jubey so sick over the weekend
was kinda rough but since Monday he's been getting
better every day. So thankful! This crazy, summer-like
weather has got us outside all day and just itching to get
in the garden and fields. We'll see what happens?
And we'll keep you posted :)

Thanks for stopping by to share this bit of life with us.
I'll be honest, keeping this blog up-to-date is challenging
for me. But looking back over our days always has a way of
keeping the craziness in perspective. So much to be grateful for.
And we do so enjoy the way it's helped keep us in touch
with friends and family, near and far. Seeing your names
and faces pop up in the comments puts such big smiles
on our faces. Thanks for the lovin'!
Sending lots right back to you,
The Koobs Klan

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