Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Picture a Day: April 1-7

 April 1
We received the BEST surprise Sunday night...
(a deeeelicious basket of locally grown goodness)

April 2
...delivered by my sweet and amazing sister-in-law!!
Our day was filled with laughter and loving,

cooking and crafting,

and the perfect amount of joy and energy to share with this tired mama!
What a special surprise and blessing it was.
Thank you, Sister!
(And thanks, Ken, for sharing her with us. We missed you!)

April 3
Starting some renovations to prepare for an abundance of 
calves that are headed our way. We have 26 cows/heifers due 
in August and 27 in September. Crazy!! So, 'good-bye' straw
and equipment storage and 'hello' new dry cow/calving barn :)

Also, since Farmer Husband's best stone-picking help is out of commission 
this year (LOL!), the farm has purchased a new-to-us hydraulic stone picker!

Levi was happy to go along and help :)

April 4
What a blessing!
The safe delivery of a beautiful, healthy, baby girl.
Welcome to the world, Katie Shalom.
You are SO loved!
April 5
Proving to be a sweet lil' stinker already.
What a cutie!

Flowers from Daddy
April 6
Enjoying a snuggle and a movie together :)

April 7

The kids LOVE being a part of Katie's check-ups - listening
to her heart beat, checking my blood pressure and, most of
all, watching Katie 'go for a ride' in her 'scale swing'. Having
the midwives come to our home for all our appointments is such
a blessing and treat. The time they take to explain what they're doing
and teaching the kids about their littlest sister is so wonderful. This season
is definitely in the Top 3 Reasons I'm so grateful to homeschool!
Such a blessing! Thank you again to our amazing midwives! xo

As I look back at the moments this past week has held, I am
overwhelmed that 7 days can hold so much goodness!
Reading these words struck such a chord in my heart:
'How great is the goodness
    you have stored up for those who fear you.
You lavish it on those who come to you for protection,
    blessing them before the watching world.'
(Psalm 31:19)
So grateful for the wonder of this past week.
Praying you are seeing the blessings of our Father all around you!