Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Picture a Day: April 8-14

 April 8th
 He is risen!
He is risen, indeed!
(A resurrection garden made by Gracie Jo and Grandma)

April 9th
 Our sweet Manny is no longer the littlest cousin in
the Koobs clan! Visits with Uncle George, Aunt Alex and Manny
always bring so much joy - thank you for loving us so much!

April 10th
 A peaceful little princess

Much adoring is going on here these days

April 11th
Because everybody loves a good soak in the kitchen sink :)

I wonder why they don't make the cute hooded towels for grown-ups?

April 12th
Everyone has been asking how Jude has adjusted to 
no longer being the baby. This pictures just about sums it up.
Apparently he didn't get the memo that he's not the center of
the universe anymore...and he just really, really loves his little sister.

 April 13th
The trampoline is up and back in action.
I foresee hours and hours of crazy, wild fun...
and probably a broken bone or two :(
I figure it's inevitable - but worth it.
I've always held the philosophy of "I'd rather our kids climb trees
and break their arm, then never climb a tree at all" but whether I 
truly believe that is definitely being tested by these rambunctious boys! 
April 14th
Tante Tina now has two sweet nieces that adore her :)

Despite a busy day and a long journey ahead of them, Uncle Ken and Tante Tina made
the time to stop in for a quick snuggle with the crew. We are so thankful for the incredible love
they have for our family...and wish they lived much closer!! We love you so much!! xoxo

Praising God for the gift of another week full of His grace!
 "From his abundance we have all received 
one gracious blessing after another."
~John 1:16

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