Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Art for Oma

 With Oma's birthday and Mother's Day coming up we dug into our crafty supplies and got to work on a special gift for my mom. She always appreciates gifts that have taken some time, thought and effort and would always choose something handmade over an expensive present. Thankfully this crew loves creating, so we got out the paints and brushes for some special 'Art for Oma'. Boy do I wish that I had the time and energy to make a second set of these canvases with the kids. This was one gift that was very hard to give away! Mom, if you ever find a blank spot on your wall after one of our visits, you'll know where your paintings went ;) Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day, Oma!! We are so thankful for who you are and we love you so very much!!



The finished project:


  1. What an excellent gift. I'm sure Oma treasures this.

  2. These pictures and story make this gift even more precious. I do treasure my gifts of love and creative beauty.