Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Picture a Day: April 22-28

April 22// Laundry, games, and lots of projects on the go. The kitchen table really is the hub of the home.
 April 23// And if it's not the kitchen table, it's the island. Once again, everyone has migrated out of the school room and into the kitchen. I guess I can't really complain when we all just want to be together. 

April 23// My heart melted when I heard that Makayla named her new baby chick "Katie" :) So thankful for such sweet friends!
April 24// Sometimes, when Levi gets up in the morning, I think he looks kinda like Lyle Lovett. Ha!
 Peter's got our tomato seedlings on the go. They're looking a bit leggy but with his TLC I know they'll be great. Lots of varieties this year - some old, some new. I foresee some serious tomato posts in the future :)

 April 25// Levi is the sweetest baby snuggler.

 Our little hipster

 April 26// Jude and Gracie Jo carrying their 'babies' around in their slings. If imitation is the biggest form of flattery, I'm feeling very loved (and giggling inside).

 April 27// Gracie Jo's morning prayer

April 28// I love when babies scrunch up their legs and stick their cutie little bums out. Katie is growing so fast and I'm just trying to soak in the sweetness as much as I can. Daddy and his littlest daughter - makes my heart so full.

 My heart leaps for joy, 
 and with my song I praise him.
~Psalm 28:7~

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