Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Night We Burned Our Christmas Tree

I could write an entire book on why our kiddos are so blessed to have Peter as their dad. He is such an incredible balance to my overly uptight, slightly OCD personality. I am a planner. He likes being spontaneous. I love routine and structure. He likes to 'mix it up'. I don't like using the same knife to spread butter and then jam. Pete would use the same pot to cook in and eat directly out of...all week. That being said, this evening was entirely courtesy of Peter. He came in a bit early from chores and said "Tonight's the perfect night for a bonfire! You wanna burn the Christmas tree?" I, in all my Type-A glory, probably gave him a flabbergasted look and exclaimed something ridiculous like "But the kids already brushed their teeth! It's almost bedtime. It's a week night. What are you thinking...?" Thankfully, through the years, I've realized that, occasionally, it's alright to break from routine and schedules.  That Peter's ideas usually end in incredible fun and very special memories being made. So, we hauled the Christmas tree to the fire pit...and proceeded to have one of my favorite nights of the summer so far. A ginormous fiery explosion, smores, stories and devotions while we soaked up the glow of the setting sun and the sounds of the night.  I'm so glad God gave us this wonderfully wise man to lead our family. He brings so much joy our lives. Thank you, Peter, for reminding me how good it is to 'break the rules' every now and then and for giving our family such a special night together. XO

Then men may know from sunrise to sunset 
that there is no God besides Me.
 I am the Lord, and there is no other.
-Isaiah 45:6

Friday, August 3, 2012

May's Gardens



God shines from Zion, perfect in beauty.
~Psalm 50:2~

I think the spring gardens are my favourite.
So much promise.
So much beauty.
Sometimes, at dusk, I can hardly breathe because
the air is so heavy with hope.

May - Part Two

 //Haircuts for the boys

 //Today was Manny's dedication and, after a 2 hour car ride, we thought we'd let the kids run around a bit before sitting through church. This park was the perfect place to get our wiggles out!
I forget to get my camera out but the rest of the day was a beautiful celebration of God's faithfulness and the love in our family. Blessings, Emmanuel Joshua, as you grow into a young man who loves and serves the Lord with your whole heart! Greg and Alex, it's such a joy to watch you love your son and raise him together. You're such a great team and Manny is so blessed to have you as his parents! 

 //May 14 - the sweet corn is coming!!

 //Lots of fun in the sand pile 

 //Putting fresh asparagus in everything! 

 //You always have to be careful when you're baking with Levi...

//I think we need a bike rack 
//This little doll still doesn't care for her mama-made headbands
May was such a fun month. Just the right amount of busy and a real good feeling of settling in for this family of seven. Feeling incredibly grateful for the blessing of family, farming and the new life all around us.
 "We are writing these things so that you 
may fully share our joy."
~1 John 1:4