Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bits + Pieces of June

 // Summer days = laundry on the line. Always.

 // 4 different kinds of onions this year means lots of weeding. I tend to get a little behind...

 // The clematis. Extravagant yet simple beauty.

 //Planting zinnias with Silas. Bit of a daydreamer but such a sweet and pleasant helper :)

 // Big plans for a new fort

 // Our summer nature table. So many egg shells!

 //The mock orange is just starting to blossom. My opa cut this bush waaaaay back when we first moved in here ten years ago. Really, I thought he'd done it in. But, really, don't we all sometimes need a good pruning before we can put forth our best? Taking Opa's cue, I went to town on the overgrown branches this spring and we're being treated to a riot of delicate and fragrant blossoms and growth this year. Even sitting on the porch, if the wind is blowing the right way, their scent dances through the air. Just a whiff and sweet memories of Opa balanced precariously atop a ladder, hiding among in the branches, and having a hay-day with our pruners comes to mind. Always puts a smile on my face.

 //Freshly picked rhubarb, blueberries and the last of our canned peaches made for a very yummy treat.

 //Cousin Dave came for a visit with his boys (second cousins? cousins once removed? anybody? )and there were a lot of boys around here! Thankfully there's always room for more friends in the sand pile.

 //The dads discuss fatherhood, farming...and beer :)

 //Check it out!
 //A beautiful moth

 //Hanging a tarzan rope above the trampoline just upped the crazy factor. But, oh, so much fun!!

 //Stealing some beauty from the flowerbeds to share with a dear friend from church. She loves flowers but, at 78, her garden is not quite as large as it used to be. That being said, I'm pretty sure she could still out work me any day! I will definitely take you up on your offer to help me can some elderberry jelly later this summer, Nancy! You are such a blessing to us!

 //Sweet Darling. Thanks for the dress, Aunt Marnie! xo

//Baking blueberry pies with my best ninja bud :)

These are the days that the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in them.
~Psalm 118:24~


  1. Love the pictures Ange, and yes I learned pruning from my dad and trees do a lot better after a good pruning and often so do we :)

    1. Thanks, Anja! I always thought Opa was crazy and the trees and bushes looked so sad when he was done with them. But, he sure knew what he was doing - the following year, they were always incredible!! Neat that you could learn that from your dad - good Dutch pruning, it's in the blood :) And, even though 'pruning' sometimes leaves me feeling (and looking?) somewhat defeated, I am thankful for the growth that comes after the times of struggle. God always knows just what we need! Blessings! xo

  2. Woot Woot! I got a shout out in this post! Sweet :) Someday I'll get a pic in there, mark my words. If you think you've seen weeds in a garden, you ain't seen nothing. My garden has been overtaken by weeds. Love the pic of Katie. She's rocking that headband and that mock orange bush looks like it would smell delicious.

    1. Are you forgetting the epic 'Pancake Tuesday/Glee Party'?? Check the archives, I know for sure you're in there! But if you really want more face time on the blog, I'm sure I could arrange that...mwahahahahahaha!! I'm sure you can still scrounge some goodness out of your garden. Plants are hardy :) Just make sure to get your peppers before the frost. No one likes mushy peppers!!