Friday, October 26, 2012

A most unexpected gift

At the very end of June, Levi had a check up with his E.N.T. in Stratford. Ten minutes before I was heading out the door, Peter came in and said "Hey, will you be back in time for chores? Want me to come with you?". It took me all of .025 seconds to agree to this new and unexpected plan and, after adding his fishing rods and tackle to the diaper bags and blankets in the back, we were off. Levi's doctor is semi-retired and totally old-school so he thinks our family and homeschooling are pretty awesome. We think he's pretty awesome (grin). Still, heading off to Stratford with 4 kids and a nursing baby for a doctor's appointment scheduled right before lunch was not something I was anticipating to be high on the scale of fun. But the addition of Farmer Husband turned a doctor's appointment into a family date! A picnic lunch courtesy of Subway followed by lots of climbing, strolling, fishing and playing together and we had one of the most fun family days we had all
 summer - and we were home in plenty of time for chores! I am a total planner...but I'm learning that sometimes God's best gifts come in the unexpected. So thankful for this day.


Many words will come from their mouths 
about how good You are.
~Psalm 145:7~

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  1. looks like you had a wonderful family day. you have such a beautiful family, and I love seeing the joy on all the faces.