Saturday, October 20, 2012

When We Forgot Who the Kids Were

 Jude loves spending time with Mama-Mama. Look at those faces! 
These two are very good at scheming up fun and giggles when they're together.

When we celebrated Dad's birthday back in June, Christina had the incredibly thoughtful and amazing idea of bringing along a jumbo bag of water balloons for the kids. It was a beautiful summer day and, after a delicious BBQ lunch with the family, the kids suited up and headed out for some fun.

Grandpa, Grandma and the 'tante's were quickly enlisted to join in the fun:

Whose crazy daughter is this?!? :)

Beautiful sisters

After astonished giggles, the kids quickly loaded up for attack - because no one sprays their Grandma and gets away with it!! (By the way, I think Dad forgot the memo that he's 57. Can't you just picture him back in Jr. Youth doing this very same thing? Some people just never really grow up ;) Dad's shenanigans started a war that had everyone again him. You better start running, Grandpa! 

In the end, Michelle delivered the retribution and the grown ups, soaking wet and possibly a little red in the face, went inside for dry clothes, cake and coffee. Not a bad party for an old guy ;) We love you so much, Dad, and are so blessed by the way you love and care for each of us. God has given our family such a gift in you and we are so thankful to have a dad and grandpa like you. Happy birthday!

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