Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grateful for 2012

 One photo per month. Some months had over 600 pictures. Choosing was so hard, sometimes there were almost a dozen that I was trying to decide between. But, ultimately, it wasn't necessarily the best picture, the biggest event we celebrated or the most important thing that happened that month. Just the picture that made my heart stir with joy as the sweet memories poured across the screen. Here's my favorite from 2012:

January// A little date getaway with Farmer Husband. Watching him giddy in the aisles at Bass Pro Shop. Too much fun. Grateful for grandparents who love our kids while we're away, siblings who graciously host us and a husband who is my bestest friend.

 February// The kids come along to my appointment at the midwives' clinic and, with us all packed into the tiny room, are included in all parts of little Baby K's checkup. The joy continues at home with Jude just checking in on 'his baby'. Grateful for the amazing care we're receiving from our midwives, a healthy pregnancy and kids who can.not.wait. for their newest sibling to arrive.

 March// A visit from our brother and sister-in-law and the most adorable nephew ever. The cousin love in this house is seriously over the top! Grateful for the bonds and love we share with our family.

 April// The arrival of a beautiful and precious little girl, Katie Shalom. We are overwhelmed with the blessing she has immediately been to our family. Grateful for the gracious gift we have been given in her new life.

 May//This little crew. This adorable picture. Melts my heart completely. Grateful for each one of these crazy kids and the blessing of being their mama.

 June// Celebrating Dad's birthday with the best water balloon fight ever. Grateful for amazing 'tantes' who bring so much love and joy into their nieces and nephews lives.

 July// A trip out West so Katie could meet her Calgarian aunt and uncle. Going without Peter and leaving the other kiddos behind was really hard for me but, even with that, the time I spent with Will and Katie (and my own little Katie) was so precious. Definitely a highlight of my year. Grateful for a husband whose heart is always for family and who knows, even better than I do, exactly what I need. Grateful for my amazing siblings, who took time off work and showed this country mouse (and tired mama) the best.time.ever.! Thanks for loving us so much.

 August// Camp Shalom. What can I say about this most wonderful place? We dropped Gracie Jo off for her first stint as a Munchkin (she LOVED it) and the timing (right before our 10th anniversary) made the visit extra special. Grateful for a day filled with dear friends, super excited kiddos, sweet memories and the overwhelming feeling of His presence, always, in this place.

 September// A tromp through the back bush with the crew. Such a beauty full evening. Grateful for the fullness of these late fall days - an abundant harvest, being in constant awe of His beautiful creation and enjoying it with my favorite Littles.

 October// Celebrating Grandma V.K.'s birthday with the DeBoer clan. Grateful for the joy and delight our grandparents take in our family and these precious times we can share together.

 November// We had so much fun this year shopping for and packing up our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Grateful for these opportunities to teach the kids how much more joy can be found in giving than receiving. To watch the transformations in their hearts as they discover the delight of blessing others is one of my greatest treasures as a parent.

December// Pete's grandparents came over for lunch to celebrate Grandma's 80th birthday together. And what a celebration it was...Pete and I were pretty tired after having friends over the night before - they headed home just before midnight (way past this mama's bedtime) - and we were both in need of a serious nap. Sometime during the morning the filter on our geothermal furnace got plugged up and, when he was fixing it, Pete accidentally broke it. Oops. Zip to town for a replacement part - only to have the whole furnace shut down. By this time, Grandma and Grandpa arrive to our chilly house and are greeted by five exuberant great-grandchildren, their tired mama and a significantly grumpy grandson. Within the first half hour our oven set on fire and the stinkiest smoke ever filled the kitchen. *Insert tense argument between Pete and I about just packing up and going out for pizza.* In the end we cranked open the windows (letting the last of the heat out of the house) and transferred lunch to the barbeque and sat down to lunch, only 5 minutes late.  The cold, fresh air in the kitchen made lunch taste even better and, as we laughed about the morning's disasters together, my heart filled up with gratefulness for grandparents who love us in all our craziness and delight in being part of our lives. We are so blessed! Grateful for broken furnaces, fires in the oven, a husband who shares kitchen calamities with me, kids who love nothing more than a good birthday party and grandparents who love us just.the.way.we.are.

The Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are filled with joy.
~Psalm 126:3~

2012 was an amazing year. We are so grateful for what the Lord has done.


  1. Hey Ange and Pete - Your posts always bless us though many many miles separate us. Thanks for seeing joy and beauty in broken furnaces and oven fires!

  2. Looks like you've had an amazing year. Thanks for the glimpse into all God has done in your lives throughout 2012. The last story really made me smile. :) Fortunately, those types of adventures don't happen every day - once in a while can make for laughter and good memories, however.

  3. Thanks for sharing these "love" pictures. I love the second one the most. Jude visiting Katie before birth