Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Crew 8/52

The Crew - a photo of each of our kids, once a week, every week.

This Week

 // another gorgeous wintery morning

 // spectacular hoar frost

 // een lieve beetje puppy

 // handsome fella

// emptying bookshelves is a favorite new game

 // Gracie Jo bringing a little lovin' from the oven out to our milk trucker

 // "...and later you cry." - Opa V.
    Matching bruises are fading off their left temples,
    it was a rough week to be a Koobs brother.

// oh, the suspense!! Mousetrap is always a hit with these two.

// storytime with big sister

"Let all who look for You be full of joy 
and be glad in You." ~Psalm 70:4

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ten Months

I'm a little late posting these but here are Katie's 10-month photos! This little doll just continues to bring so much joy to our family. On Valentine's Day she surprised us all by finally(!) deciding to crawl - such a little love bug! Up till now, she's been taking advantage of her older siblings and letting them get her toys every time she makes a peep and toting her around with them all day. At last she's discovered how fun it is to keep up with them on her own...and to get into her own trouble! She's an amazing sleeper, usually going from 7pm to 5am. This has been a huge blessing, as none of the other kids ever slept through the night before they were a year old. Thank you, Lord!!  She's been eating up a storm, tonnes of veggies and fruits and in the past month a little introduction of meat, yogurt and cheese. She still nurses like a champ every few hours during the day and, no matter how much she eats at a meal, needs some time with mom to top things off. Her absolute favorite foods are Grandma's squash, boerenkoel (kale mashed with potatoes - which she'll eat for breakfast, lunch and supper) and a good chicken bone to chew on. After getting 6 teeth within 6 weeks when she was 6 months old (I'm not joking. Weird, eh?), she's finally cut another 2 to even things out. This girl is one tough cookie though and, other than lots of drooling and hands in her mouth, you hardly know she's teething. I've never had to give her any Tylenol and the only extra comfort she wants is maybe to sneak in a bit more nursing. And once a tooth pops through, she's like a little lizard with her tongue zipping in and out of her mouth all.the.time. checking out her new pearly whites. Hilarious!! Katie Shalom, you are so loved and our family is so thankful for the joy and delight you bring to us each and every day. We love you, darlin'!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dad Love

//Pete's had a lot of meetings the past couple weeks, so we covered the chalkboard wall with love for him to come home to.  Pretty sure this tops any note I ever gave him :)

 // He's funny. He plays video games with me. -Silas

 // -Levi

 // He's SO strong! -Silas

 // -Jude

This pizza sharing, video-game-playing, funny, strong, loving, Christ-following farmer has got us all madly in love.  Peter, you are such a gift and blessing to our family. So thankful our kids have a dad like you. xo

Monday, February 18, 2013

J & D's Wedding - the bride and groom

 // beautiful blooms

 // the bride's bouquet

 // adoring

 // we're married!!

 // Woot! Woot!!

 //a stunning couple

 // Mr. & Mrs. - finally!!

 // a love story

 //the rings

 //the little details

//the wedding text

Johanna & Dave, thank you so much for sharing this special day with us. It truly has been a blessing to be a part of your story and to watch the incredible way that God has been working in your lives. Continue to seek Him first in all that you do. As you serve Him and each other, in love, may you be blessed beyond measure. We love you both so much!! xo

" one another deeply, from the heart." 
~1 Peter 1:22~

J & D's Wedding - family and friends

 //a thorn among roses ;)

// a sweet niece with her dad

 // sisters!

 // the VanRyn ladies

 // I love Uncle Dave but enough with the pictures already!


 // posing with the bride

// sibs

//shout out to the groom :)

J & D's Wedding - the ceremony

Pete and I were honoured and elated to celebrate the marriage of one of my dearest friends this past weekend. It truly was a testimony of God's amazing love in the joining of their lives and such a blessing to witness. You'll have to indulge me as I took way too many pictures -  there was just so much joy to capture!


The men praying over D at the start of the ceremony // father-daughter love // a special moment between the bride and groom // God's Word on marriage // a special wedding text read by Mama V // 
a promise // vows of love and laughter // it's a done deal! // Mr. & Mrs.