Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Not - so - Failed Valentine's Day

In all honestly, I was thinking our Valentine's Day was a bit of a bust this year. An unexpected visit from our piano tuner kind of took over the morning and threw off the whole day's schedule. When we finally got around to our yearly tradition of baking sugar cookies in the afternoon I pulled the eggs out of the fridge and realized there was only one left in the carton. I know I could have found a different recipe or used a substitute for egg but it was just one more thing that wasn't going right. The nail in the coffin came when I was marking one of the boys' math and, though all of the answers were correct, all of the number threes, fours and sevens were written backwards. Really? Am I seriously just one big, fat failure of a mom? Definitely how I was feeling at that moment. Thankfully, a timely phone call from my beautiful sister-in-law brought some joy and laughter back into the day (thanks, K, for putting a smile back on my face) and then a second phone call from another beautiful sister-in-law turned my day right back around (Lord knew I needed me some sister love!!). A gentle reminder that my worth and God's approval doesn't come as the result of a completed 'to-do' list and that His plan is always, always, better than my own. That's right, Angela Grace, being in control of everything all the time isn't the mark of true faith in my life. Dare I say, it might actually be the opposite? (C, your Godly wisdom continues to resonate in my heart and bless my life. Love you!) So this Valentine's Day didn't include any of the usual making and baking and sharing the love with neighbours and friends - and that's okay. The kids still thoroughly enjoyed their day, thanks to a little Love bag put together by Oma with cards and a little treat for everyone. Pete and I had picked up a new Super Mario Memory game which was a big hit (despite being kinda difficult, even for us grown ups. Maybe I'm really just losing my mind?) and, after my talk with Christina, I stopped worrying about what we 'needed' to do and just made a good, strong cup of espresso for Farmer Husband and I. Sometimes, all you need to do is stop and have a coffee and enjoy the ones you love by just being together. Amen? Looking back at these pictures and thinking of the conversations of the day make me think that this Valentine's Day wasn't actually such a failure after all. And to top it all off, our piano sounds like heaven :)

Let love be your highest goal! 
~1 Corinthians 14:1~


  1. Love the picture of Gracie Jo and Katie. :) Those smiles tell me this Valentine's day was definitely not a bust.

    1. Thank you, Olga. It seems learning to give up control is something I constantly struggle with and, just when I think I'm doing pretty good, God gives me a nudge to remind me that I'm still clinging so tightly to myself. This blog has actually been a real blessing, in that when I go back and look at the pictures and 'process' the day I can see a lot of the joy that I sometimes miss in the moment. Hoping that some day I will be able to do that naturally! So thankful for His grace! xo