Monday, February 18, 2013

J & D's Wedding - the bride and groom

 // beautiful blooms

 // the bride's bouquet

 // adoring

 // we're married!!

 // Woot! Woot!!

 //a stunning couple

 // Mr. & Mrs. - finally!!

 // a love story

 //the rings

 //the little details

//the wedding text

Johanna & Dave, thank you so much for sharing this special day with us. It truly has been a blessing to be a part of your story and to watch the incredible way that God has been working in your lives. Continue to seek Him first in all that you do. As you serve Him and each other, in love, may you be blessed beyond measure. We love you both so much!! xo

" one another deeply, from the heart." 
~1 Peter 1:22~


  1. You've captured such beautiful moments in this special day for Jo and Dave. Thanks so much for sharing. I loved seeing all the lovely smiling faces. What a great day!

    1. It was a great day, Olga! One of the most awesome weddings we have been to. You know the weddings when you just feel honoured and unbelievably blessed to have been there? It was totally one of those :) And I had so much fun trying to catch bits of joy with my camera, glad to be able to share it here!

  2. Angela, these pictures are amazing! You are a fabulous photographer! It was so lovely to meet you on Saturday and to share in Jo and Dave's special day together. Blessings!

    1. Thanks, Christy, it was SO good to finally meet you! I'm already looking forward to coming back for a visit with Jo and all of her amazing Orangeville-ian friends :) Have been thinking of you this week - praying your place isn't feeling totally empty and that perhaps, in the quiet, you will find yourself drawn ever closer to our Father. xo