Monday, February 18, 2013

J & D's Wedding - family and friends

 //a thorn among roses ;)

// a sweet niece with her dad

 // sisters!

 // the VanRyn ladies

 // I love Uncle Dave but enough with the pictures already!


 // posing with the bride

// sibs

//shout out to the groom :)


  1. I like the picture of Kim and Joanna looking at each other. At first quick glance it looks like Kim is looking in a mirror!

  2. I never noticed...until you said that!! So neat :) I love all the pictures I have of you girls. I think because I just have a brother, I never really experienced the whole 'sisters' thing so seeing you together just amazes me! You all look the same, but different. You have bits and pieces of your personalities that are so similar and yet are all such strong individuals. It's the coolest thing! And, I have to say, you are the most beautiful bunch of sisters I know - inside and out! xo