Saturday, February 23, 2013

This Week

 // another gorgeous wintery morning

 // spectacular hoar frost

 // een lieve beetje puppy

 // handsome fella

// emptying bookshelves is a favorite new game

 // Gracie Jo bringing a little lovin' from the oven out to our milk trucker

 // "...and later you cry." - Opa V.
    Matching bruises are fading off their left temples,
    it was a rough week to be a Koobs brother.

// oh, the suspense!! Mousetrap is always a hit with these two.

// storytime with big sister

"Let all who look for You be full of joy 
and be glad in You." ~Psalm 70:4


  1. Do they actually play mousetrap according to rules? Angie and Olga usually just loved to set it up and play with the board pieces

    1. Hee! That's EXACTLY what they do, Anja! Every now and then we'll play all together according to the rules but, really, they have the most fun just setting it up and running the mousetrap over and over and over again. Neat to think of Angie and Olga doing the same thing :)

  2. great pics - thanks for sharing. Mousetrap is a favourite of Liam & Colton too.

    1. It's a sweet game to watch them play, isn't it Michelle? The anticipation they have for shooting off the first marble and watching it run through the trap is too cute!