Friday, March 29, 2013


I know homeschooling isn't everyone's 'thing' and , I'll be honest, we have days around here when I wonder if it's our 'thing'...Being a dairy farmer's wife, raising five kids, homeschooling - there's a lot of days when I feel overwhelmed, ill-equipped and unqualified to do what I do. Thankfully, when I'm questioning my abilities (and my sanity?) God often sends me the most beautiful reminders that my job is just to follow Him. And being His child doesn't come with any prerequisites. In fact, when I am at my weakest, He is at His strongest. "But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me." (2 Corinthians 12:9)  Monday was such a gift for me. Tromping out in the woods with our homeschool group made me unspeakably grateful for the precious opportunity we've been given as parents and families in homeschooling. What a treasure this day was and, when I need a reminder for 'whether this 'homeschooling thing' is really what we should be doing?',  I'll look back at these pictures and rest in Him.

//brothers, learning side by side

 // fathers and daughters

 //servant hearts

                     //mamas with their little ones

                                   //mamas with their not-so-little ones

//Farmer Husband gets in on the sweet-memory making

 //these two sweet turkeys

 //listening + doing = boys learning

//and this is what we call 'hands-on (in?) learning :)

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
 but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
~Proverbs 19:21

Thursday, March 28, 2013

From Tree to Table

We spent a glorious afternoon out in the sugar bush on Monday. Can you believe I have never been before! I don't know who was more excited; the kids or I :) We were treated to a tour of Hoover's Maple Syrup by our very own milk trucker, Terry, who operates the business with his family. Our kids loved Terry to begin with. The afternoon with him out in the bush and in the sugar shack? Have pretty much launched him into celebrity status around here.  We went with our homeschool group and had the best time tromping through the mud, learning the ins and outs of sap collecting and syrup making, investigating the sugar shack and tasting the most wonderful and delicious syrup we've ever had in our life. Thanks, Terry and Bob, for an amazing afternoon and all the sweet memories that were made.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

11 Months

I'm a bit late sharing Katie's 11 month pictures...which means in less than 2 weeks, this little doll is going to be ONE!! I have no idea how this happened. I'm going to pretend that our baby isn't right on the verge of toddlerhood and just tell you about the delightful things she's been up to this month. Katie quickly got a hang of the whole crawling business and is now ready to take over the world. She pulls herself up on things and has just started sneaking up the stairs. I'm so glad there are 5 other pairs of eyes watching her because she's constantly on the go.  She delights us all with lots of waves and giggles and, when she's feeling particularly gracious, will give out the most lovely, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. As you can see in the picture's above, she's discovered that pulling out all her barettes, elastics and headbands is a great game and nothing lasts in her hair longer than 5 minutes.  She's continuing to prove herself a true Koobs in the food department and, other than bananas and avocados (maybe the texture?), is a great little eater. She still loves her boerenkoel and stumpots and has a new love for peas, pears, chickpeas and beets. Still not interested in a cup or bottle...I don't think she got the memo that she's almost one and weaning is, inevitably, just around the corner. Anyways, none of us are quite ready for our baby to grow up. All of us are so enjoying this stage, we might just put our little pumpkin on 'pause' and hold off on that first birthday...
Katie Shalom, you fill every day will joy and laughter. You siblings adore you, your daddy dotes on you and you have absolutely stolen all of our hearts. We love you, sweet darlin'! xo

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Crew - 12/52


The Crew - a picture of each of our kids, once a week, every week in 2013.

Friday, March 22, 2013

This Week


 //Boys being boys

 //Still lots of snow

 //Happy darlin'

 //Books and snuggles in the sunshine

 //cats + cousins = love

 //Snotty noses and sword fighting?

 //True story

 //Bath time boefie

//Playdoh perms :)

//Ready for some ice fishing

After a whole winter of being healthy, we inevitably caught a little cold that made it's way through our bunch. No big deal, just a little extra down-time and lots of soup and Kleenexes. And ,despite the first day of spring arriving on the calendar, the snow continues to build up outside. Our trip to the sugar bush was postponed and so Peter, Gracie Jo and Silas took advantage of the freezing temps and when out for a little ice fishing adventure. Other than a little family get together on Monday, the week has been pretty quiet as we all nursed our runny noses and snuck in some extra quiet time. Looking forward to a fun weekend with friends and our church family. A warm front is supposedly headed our way, so we're going to try the sugar bush again on Monday. We'll keep you posted! Hope you've all had a wonderful week. What has the beginning of spring brought you?