Sunday, March 24, 2013

11 Months

I'm a bit late sharing Katie's 11 month pictures...which means in less than 2 weeks, this little doll is going to be ONE!! I have no idea how this happened. I'm going to pretend that our baby isn't right on the verge of toddlerhood and just tell you about the delightful things she's been up to this month. Katie quickly got a hang of the whole crawling business and is now ready to take over the world. She pulls herself up on things and has just started sneaking up the stairs. I'm so glad there are 5 other pairs of eyes watching her because she's constantly on the go.  She delights us all with lots of waves and giggles and, when she's feeling particularly gracious, will give out the most lovely, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. As you can see in the picture's above, she's discovered that pulling out all her barettes, elastics and headbands is a great game and nothing lasts in her hair longer than 5 minutes.  She's continuing to prove herself a true Koobs in the food department and, other than bananas and avocados (maybe the texture?), is a great little eater. She still loves her boerenkoel and stumpots and has a new love for peas, pears, chickpeas and beets. Still not interested in a cup or bottle...I don't think she got the memo that she's almost one and weaning is, inevitably, just around the corner. Anyways, none of us are quite ready for our baby to grow up. All of us are so enjoying this stage, we might just put our little pumpkin on 'pause' and hold off on that first birthday...
Katie Shalom, you fill every day will joy and laughter. You siblings adore you, your daddy dotes on you and you have absolutely stolen all of our hearts. We love you, sweet darlin'! xo


  1. Wow - where did that year go? She is absolutely precious - I miss that stage.

    1. I know, Michelle! I can not believe we're going to be celebrating her first birthday this week! This is such a fun, sweet stage. I wish I could just hit the 'pause button' on her for a little while longer... :)